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Litespeed Vortex 2003(7 posts)

Litespeed Vortex 2003cincy1
Nov 17, 2002 6:10 AM
Has anyone seen a direct side view picture of a 2003 Litespeed Vortex? The official pictures show it from an angle that doesn't give you a clear view of the width of the new down tube. Seems like this was done deliberately to minimize the width.

I have an Ultimate and am considering a Vortex this year for the longer wheel base and purported more comfortable ride. I love my Ultimate but it can be squirrely due to the very aggressive geometry. Does anyone have an riding experience on a 2003 Vortex yet?

No flames please. I'm very happy with the brand and am looking for advice from previous or current Litespeed owners.
re: Litespeed Vortex 2003Fez
Nov 17, 2002 7:12 AM
Haven't actually seen one, but saw the same pictures you did. I think the new downtube won't look nearly as bulky as the tubes on your Ultimate.

But remember the picture on the website has the big yellow decals. The black decals may draw less attention to the downtube. I haven't heard whether the new Vortex is or feels stiffer, but maybe consider tracking down a 2002 Vortex?
Ride '99 and seen the 2003boneman
Nov 17, 2002 2:59 PM
I'm a happy owner of a '99 Vortex which I bought in January of 1999 before leaving the States for the UK. Unlike the US, Litespeed's are rarely seen in these parts.

I saw, the 2003 Vortex at the London bike show. The downtube is a little more aggressive than the 1999 model and the top tube is more shaped as are the seat stays. I would imagine it's a bit stiffer but again, I haven't ridden the new model. That being said, the Vortex I have is a good mix of comfort and stiffness. I've ridden most steel tube sets since the early 70's and also have a Merckx Ti EX. I'd like a C-40 but at the end of the day, I'll probably buy a 2003 Vortex if I come back to the States.
Nov 18, 2002 7:20 AM how does the Merckx EX compare to the Vortex? The geometery would suggest that the the Vortex will steer faster but how about bottom bracket stiffness and overall ride quality? I rode an EX for several years (foolish to sell it) and would like to get another Ti bike. Thanks.

My takeboneman
Nov 18, 2002 2:00 PM
The Vortex doesn't really steer much faster. When it comes to cornering and descending, it's the Merckx all the way due to its lower bb. On my customs builds I only spec. four dimensions, seat tube and top tube length, setback and bb drop. The last is where the EX's got the Vortex beat but again, the latter's made for the US market. BB stiffness I'd rate about the same but then I'm not a masher. Ride quality, well it's the Vortex. Both different. I'd like the Merckx geometry in a Vortex.

I think you'll find better buys in the Merckx although I've seen the pre-2001? (extended head tube models) Vortex's going for reasonable amounts on EBay.
re: Litespeed Vortex 200312x23
Nov 17, 2002 7:17 AM
The toptube is ~5/8" narrower than the toptube on my oclv's. I have one ride on my Vortex, mostly a ride and fiddle with adjustments, of about 2-1/2 hours. My first impression is this bike is a little more comfortable than the oclv and still plenty stiff (at least equal to the oclv and way more than my older Classic). My first ride included new pavement and chip-seal, and I was on Ksyriums with A-P's. I feel safe saying this one's staying with me a long time.

I hope you're not selling that Ultimate to make room for the Vortex. I owned one back in 1993, sold it, and immediately regretted it.
re: Litespeed Vortex 2003willin
Nov 18, 2002 2:44 PM
The 2003 should ride a little stiffer than the 2002, maybe a little less whippy. I am 200 lbs, pretty fit, and ride a 2002 Vortex. I am not a masher, although I ride it hard, but I can say that the 2002 is certainly stiff enough for me.

The 2003 was made stiffer after listening to their team's input at the TDF. Those guys are putting out a lot more watts and torgue than I ever will, so I am not concerned about not having a "stiff enough" bike. Also not so sure Litespeed wasn't trying to upgrade thier top of line bilke for marketing purposes, to distinguish it from 2002 line.

having said all this, no I havent ridden a 2003 nor have I heard from anyone who has.

BTW, Id consider buying the Tuscany if I were you. It has similar geometry as the Vortex, but not 6/4 Ti, thus a lot cheaper.