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This is a job for Captain Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(3 posts)

This is a job for Captain Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tronracer
Nov 16, 2002 6:43 PM


November 14, 2002--Well, those Delta "prototypes" are back yet again on eBay. Click here to see the auction But are they really one of only three sets, as the seller says? Hard to tell. The brakes appear to be exactly like those shown in Campagnolo's Catalog 18bis (issued in 1986) that introduced Delta brakes. They are different from later versions--one major difference being the spring clip that held the alloy cover plate on. But are they "prototypes" or just an example of the first generation of Deltas, which were recalled by Campagnolo? One of our readers was curious and contacted the seller. He reports, "The same guy has often very interesting stuff on the German eBay but nearly always with completely wrong descriptions. Pure nonsense, like Campagnolo downtube shifters from 1930-40 (item 1581208702)! Chorus stuff is sold as Record and so on. I contacted him directly and it turned out that he has no knowledge of bike parts at all. When I asked him where he got the info that there exist only three sets of his deltas he responded that the dealer who sold him his set told him so. That's all. The dealer told him..."

Sorry if this has been posted already.
sometimes fools stumble on gold .....Spirito
Nov 17, 2002 4:47 AM
My name is Elizabeth Taylor and i am a Delta-holic ......

how many sets worldwide???? ... dont know but one new yorker has a whole 1984 gruppo on his 1985 New York Bike Show and Playboy featured Weigle. some differs from the 1st production series whilst most stays the same. the owner knows his apples from his onions when it comes to campy.

funnily the seller has a Croce d'Aune set of the delta's on another auction and has listed them as Record which they are not and some of his other auctions has proved entertaining reading as pointed out (1930's shifters? heee hee). the best thing though is his mention of CampyOnly in his last auction for these prototypes that failed to meet reserve - no mention this time ......

but in all thats part of ebay and sometimes regular joe's stumble on some rare gems and list them for sale without knowing exactly just what they are - i did but i learned to do a little more homework very quickly as asking experts about things like this sometimes is more awkward and fails to bring attention or info ... ever asked a broker for market advice with no intention of comeback for them?

most campy collector's and experts also know that the campy catalogue's shouldn't always be taken for god's word as dates, parts and actual production items differ regularly. im sure eric norris would agree.

hope they sell for squillions as the more it costs the more people will catalogue and verify vintage parts that still have an uncertain history. the bidders on his auction for these, then and now, are no fools and have done their homework.

so are they prototypes, recalled "real" 1st generation, or just regular 1st gen. - heck knows, im no expert but if i had to guess i would think the seller just may be right on this one. i would be worried about any multi-national company that doesn't have a few prototypes or pre-production models.

these brakes are not the holy grail, noah's ark, shroud of turin etc etc etc ... but my keen delta eyes do think that they are also different in shape from production delta's - somehow more svelte and clean of line - perhaps they may be from the hands of god ... err i mean tullio (even if he was dead).


p.s. even though im a reformed delta junky not a day goes by when i dont think about them. high flange road hubs is a good fix to ease my pain though ;-)
re: well...WCC
Nov 17, 2002 8:22 AM
considering that I know little about vintage campy. I dont think Captain Justice will be able to make an appearance.