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Bike Size(3 posts)

Bike Size6pack
Nov 16, 2002 4:45 PM
Is there somekind of a guideline for piking the size of a bike?
I'm 5'11" & 200lbs my LBS has a zurick in a size 57 road another bike
in a size 55. The last ones in the 02 models I liked the way both felt
I know that fitting the bike is very important Just wondering which one
would be the best fit for me

Thanks 6 pack
Go to www.coloradocyclist.comJuanmoretime
Nov 16, 2002 5:14 PM
Under their help section they have information to help you determine the correct size for you. Your LBS should be able to do this if it's a good shop. 57 sounds about right but you didn't give your inseam and probably more importantly is the top tube length.
Try thisKerry
Nov 17, 2002 5:14 PM

For adjusting the fit of the bike, there are roughly five starting points:

1. Seat height (top of saddle to center of pedal axle) at 108-110% of inseam.
2. Saddle parallel to ground.
3. Saddle fore/aft adjusted so that a plumb bob from the bony protrusion just below the kneecap passes through the pedal axle when the cranks are horizontal. This is known as KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle)
4. Front hub axle obscured by the handlebars when riding in your "regular" position (drops, hoods, or tops).
5. Top of handlebars 1 to 4.5+ inches below the top of the saddle depending on your flexibility and size.

These are all starting points for "average" proportioned people, and many folks like to move away from these starting points as they learn what makes them more comfortable, powerful, or efficient. You want to get the fit of the frame as close as you can, then do minor adjustments with the stem, seat post, saddle position, etc.