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Lacing question - 28H Open pro and DA hubs with DT 2-butted(5 posts)

Lacing question - 28H Open pro and DA hubs with DT 2-buttedkai-ming
Nov 16, 2002 3:59 PM
I am thinking lacing radially to the front wheel and half radial to the rear for road bike with rim brakes. Any strength problem and recommendations ? I have read sheldonbrown's article. If I have read it correctly, it appears that he is saying that the above lacing is stronger for rim brakes application and lighter as well. So why not just do it?
re: Lacing question - 28H Open pro and DA hubs with DT 2-buttedBill B
Nov 16, 2002 4:08 PM
You don't really lace a radially spoked wheel but who cares.
Raial lacing will void most mfr warrantys, i have been riding 'em for years with no problems. When you build, have the spoke heads facing out.
I would go 2x or 3x on the front. 3x, Radial non-drive rear.Quack
Nov 16, 2002 10:25 PM
I would personally skip radial lacing a DA front hub. Like Bill B said above, Shimano will not warranty their hubs against flange tearout if radial laced. But even more important, think of a flange tearout of a front hub on a rough 30mph+ descent and the consequences that go with it. Radial lacing the front looks cool, thats about it. No other major advantage. However, I have had great luck radial lacing non-drive rear spokes on nearly all of my wheels with no failures.

My .02.

radial lacing voids shimano warranty...PeterRider
Nov 17, 2002 12:32 AM
... as has been written on this forum many times before. I would go 2x in front and in rear. The weight savings are peanuts. If you want weight savings, use the american classic 350 rim. Or DT-revolution spokes.

Better be safe than sorry, right!kai-ming
Nov 17, 2002 12:36 AM
Thanks for the advice.