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Photos of Bill Holland Ti Frames? Please Send them to Me!(2 posts)

Photos of Bill Holland Ti Frames? Please Send them to Me!kyburzjoe
Nov 16, 2002 12:07 PM

I've been considering one of these frames. If any of you own a Holland Ti do you happen to have some jpegs of it you could email to me? I'd love to see some more of his work without having to make a trip to San Diego soley for that purpose. I have his brochure but its mostly steel frames in it, not much in the way of photos of his Ti work.

Right now I'm oscillating between a frame built by Bill Holland or one by Carl Strong. I hear Bill does an excellent job on bike fit if you visit his shop. Strong frames look fantastic as well but then I would have to do a local fit cycle as Bozeman is a little far for me to go.


No pix, sorryDMoore
Nov 16, 2002 12:43 PM
But I've been to Bill's shop, and his Ti bikes are the best I've ever seen. They're quite popular on the Master's circuit here in SoCal. I love lugged steel frames, and have frames from Sachs, Baylis and Holland. Bill makes the only Ti frame I'd consider if I was shopping for Ti. Add a JB paint job and you have a true masterwork.