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Bontrager Road Lite, part 2(2 posts)

Bontrager Road Lite, part 2dontnomuch
Nov 16, 2002 6:58 AM
Sorry it took so long to respond. Here are the specs on the bike...

It's a medium....56 cm TT, 47.4 cm ST
It's dark green and the decals are in good shape-just a few scratches on the decals; the paint is just about perfect. The fork is stock-steel. It has Dura-Ace 8 speed, but the hubs are 9 speed Dura-Ace, laced up to silver Open Pros, with Axial Pros. There are no pedals.

If interested, email me at
re: Perfect biketeoteoteo
Nov 16, 2002 9:06 AM
Sounds great, after I posted to you yesterday I sealed the deal on a still new in box Bonti Race MTB frame. Otherwise that rig you have may be mine. If I didn't work in shop and had the bank account it would be!

To make things worse I went out to celebrate (think 3hr ride) my new "find" yesterday and crashed bigger than life on my current MTB..6 hours later they finished the stitches in my elbow..nothing like speedy health care. Nothing like hearing the doctor say "Wow the flesh is just busted right open"