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Product Warning: Is your Giro Pneumo cracked?(6 posts)

Product Warning: Is your Giro Pneumo cracked?Tig
Nov 15, 2002 8:49 AM
Discussion on the TXBRA (Texas Bicycle Racing Association) forum last week brought attention to a possible problem with 2002 Giro Pneumo helmets.

To check yours, hold the Pneumo upside down with both hands, with the front away from you. Looking at the inside around the forehead/brow section, grip the rim on the left and right sides. Gently pull the helmet wider as if you are trying to open a book. Examine the center area between the rim and the front center air vents for a small longitudinal crack.

Giro has yet to make a recall announcement, but have been made aware of the problem. I'm posting this information so you can check your helmet for the problem as a safety precaution. My team used the 2002 Pneumo and so far we've seen cracks in a majority of the helmets. None of the helmets in question were involved in crashes, and several people are known to "baby" theirs.

I can't tell you what to do if yours is cracked. I guess you should hold onto to it and wait. Maybe a replacement is in store. I don't know how this crack would affect safety.
Food for Thoughtgrzy
Nov 15, 2002 11:43 AM
You're aware of course that there is a skeleton contained inside the foam of the Pneumo and that the helmet is designed to protect the wearing from blunt trauma (i.e. compression)? If you think about it from an engineering and strength of materials perspective it probably doesn't make a difference. It's kind of like the concept behind reinforcing concrete with steel. Concrete is lousy in tension, but good in compression so the steel inside the concrete handles the tension. Same idea with the foam and the skeleton on the Pneumo helmet. In the end you shouldn't take my word for it - see what Giro says. Just be aware that their stuff goes through extensive ongoing testing based on random lot sampling and that product liability is a huge concern for them.
Son of a B!!!biknben
Nov 15, 2002 1:07 PM
I just grabbed mine from under my desk and yes, when I ad some outward force I can see a small crack open up.

At this point it doesn't look bad enough to get worked up about. You can't even see it until you pull the sides apart. It's ability to take an impact isn't being compromised.

I've been extremely happy with the helmet so far. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it over the weekend.
Probably doesn't happen until you yank on your lid. (nm)Spunout
Nov 15, 2002 2:08 PM
Crap..Mine is cracked as well.cydswipe
Nov 15, 2002 4:49 PM
After reading the posts I checked mine. Looking at the helmet from the front: To the left of the main vent it's cracked right by the Giro decal. Damn. I haven't crashed or mis-treated the helmet either. I doubt it would sway my decision to ride with the helmet. But if Giro is going to replace it I wouldn't turn down a new helmet.
Mine Toopeter in NVA
Nov 15, 2002 7:35 PM
Just looked, same thing. Best fitting helmet I ever had. Even if it turns out to be no danger, bothers me for a $150 helment.