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Just my luck #$#%@(2 posts)

Just my luck #$#%@Grabnmcbutt
Nov 14, 2002 12:11 AM
I went in for a quick out patient surgury on my knee to fix what the Dr. thought would be a little torn cartilage. When I come back to after surgery I find out I had a torn ACL, torn cartilage, and torn miniscus and instead of being back on my feet and bike in a matter of a week or so I am looking at being in an imobilizer for a couple months and then rehab and bike by early spring.

Any body got any old bike mags or biking Video's they'd be willing to donate to someone layed for a while...

Dr. said that because of my biking the muscles in my leg were strong enought to compensate for the lack of an ACL he thought that the ACL looked like it had been torn for quite a while and I just didn't know it. Apparently about 30% of the population goes around with out one or both ACL. Hines Ward the Football reciever for the steelers apparently does not have an ACL.
re: Just my luck #$#%@Skidoo
Nov 14, 2002 4:15 PM
Bummer, sorry to hear that you'll be laid-up for so long. No bike mags to donate here, but if it is any consolation, you'll only miss out on the unbearably boring indoor trainer season.