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How "knee-friendly" are Look 206 pedals ...(5 posts)

How "knee-friendly" are Look 206 pedals ...HouseMoney
Nov 13, 2002 4:36 PM
and are single-sided pedals *really* more difficult to get into than 2x-sided?

My bike should be built up shortly (forecast is for snow this weekend ... go figure) and the only thing I need to decide on are pedals. I haven't really had any major problems with my knees, but as I approach my mid-40's, I'd like to keep it that way. I'm looking for a good entry-level pedal. Beginner to intermediate-level distances/speeds. Though I have no experience with clipless road pedals, I've ridden various clipless on my mtn bike (Time ATAC, Speedplay Frogs, various SPD & clones, including Shimano 959's currently).

My familiarity with Frogs (that walking-on-ice feeling isn't an issue) has me considering either the X2 or X3's. The 206's are much cheaper though, and as long as they provide enough float and my legs won't be flailing around trying to get clipped in, I'd go for them.

Worst case, I don't like them, I'm not out that big of an investment. But I figured I'd ask for opinions here before I decide. (of course, the cheapest option would be to put the Frogs on my road bike.)
re: How "knee-friendly" are Look 206 pedals ...gafino
Nov 13, 2002 8:13 PM
I have the Look 206 pedals. Knee friendly? No idea. IMO, it depends more on ur positioning & pedalling style. It is not difficult to get in & out once u r used to it. Not only it is cheap, it is light as well. I used them since April and had had no problem at all. FYI, u can't set the clip/unclip very tight unlike the higher end models. Hope this help...
I've used 206s for a couple of years on oneLook381i
Nov 14, 2002 4:16 AM
of my road bikes. I have 396s and 256s on two others. I prefer the 206s. All have the same float (6 degrees, I think), which has never presented me with a knee problem. The 206s are lighter and do not squeak. As the other poster said, they are not designed with welded-to-the-pedal clip-out tension, but I keep mine fairly loose and have never accidentally clipped out.

You'll learn how to clip in to a one-sided pedal in no time.
re: How "knee-friendly" are Look 206 pedals ...Ray Sachs
Nov 14, 2002 7:30 AM
You'll adjust to getting in and out in no time, although you may take a little while to get used to putting your foot down at a stoplight with road shoes - those suckers can be slippery. If you're used to using an mtb shoe, that will be a bit different.

The type of float is very different on the Looks (206 or otherwise) from Speedplays (x series or frogs). I used to love Speedplays and didn't like Looks at all. Sometime about a year and a half ago, I stopped liking Speedplays and found that I really liked the more stable platform and less "free" float of Looks. Looks don't have as much float, don't feel like you're on ice (your foot will go where you want it to, but you have to put it there - it won't slide over with no provocation), and the pivot point is somewhat forward of the pivot point with Speedplays.

Now I ride Looks on both of my main road bikes. I never liked both types of pedals at the same time. You may or may not like Looks if you're used to the feel of Speedplay, but understand that it IS different. BTW, the 206 is the secret gem of the Look line - light, cheap, and the only Look that doesn't squeak.

Great! Thanks ... 206's it is.HouseMoney
Nov 14, 2002 9:39 AM
I've noticed from reading the reviews that compared with some of the higher-end Looks with aluminum bodies, the "cheapo" composite 206's don't squeak. I hated squeaky pedals on my mtn bike (goodbye Time ATACs) and squeaky road pedals must be even more annoying.

I love the fit of my Sidi mtn shoes, so I'm looking forward to getting a pair of Genius 4's to go along with a set of 206's. I just hope my shins and calves don't get too bruised as I progress along the learning curve!