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Hey SN69 -(6 posts)

Hey SN69 -Gregory Taylor
Nov 13, 2002 10:19 AM
Guess what showed up late last new Dean frameset. I don't have a digital camera, so I can't post a picture. No, it's not built up yet (I've been waiting for a fork and a few other odds and ends) so I can't give a ride report. But I'll say this, it certainly LOOKS fast just sitting there.

The Specs:

Dean El Diente CTI

3.2 Ti main frame (Sandvik R seamless tubing)
6.4 Ti rear drops and bottom bracket
Columbus Carve carbon seat stay
1 1/8 head tube
Powder coated screamin' yellow, with brushed chainstays. Black decals
Weight - 2.9 lbs.

It looks like it should be fairly stiff laterally - the downtube is a big ol' honkin thing that looks as big around as the one on my Cannondale CAAD3. Ditto the chainstays. The welds are very nice, and the overall finish and workmanship seems very good. I'm impressed.

It's going to be built up with the Campy Chorus/Record stuff that was on the late, lamented Culebra (a moment of silence for the fallen). Up front, I'm going with an Ouzo Pro fork, and (for now) a Chorus/Open Pro wheelset.

I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it...
Greg, I'm excited for yousn69
Nov 13, 2002 10:29 AM
and I can't wait to hear about how it (she?) rides. Would you judge the paint job to be worth the wait? Remember, I had the same issues with Spectrum with my Culebra, but, damn, it turned out nice.

2.9 pounds is a great weight too.

Looking foward to seeing a picture eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the build and enjoy your new ride! OBTW, bike lust has struck again. I'm cosidering putting pursuit and aero bars on my Dean to convert it into a tri bike. Believe it or not, the geometry works well for me. Unfortunately, I recently saw Vanilla Bikes. WOW! I've been fighting off a growing lug/chrome lust for a while, but this might force the issue. I recommend looking at their site.

...Now, if it'll just stop raining in New Orleans long enough for me to ride.....

The wait for the paint was worth it...Gregory Taylor
Nov 13, 2002 10:40 AM
It really did turn out beautifully. The wait was totally irksome, but the result was pretty spectacular (in my totally biased opinion).

One small development - Dean now has a real headbadge. It's a monochromatic titanium-looking rectangular slab that has the DEAN glyphs engraved into it. No color, just brushed metal. It looks like something left behind by alien life forms. It is better than the sticker that they used to use, but it still looks a little strange.

Ohhh...the Vanilla bikes look amazing. Must...resist...
I wonder if they'd send one or let me buy one.sn69
Nov 13, 2002 11:16 AM
A headbadge that is. What bars/stem combo are you going to use?

Yeah, are those sweet frames at Vanilla or what? Their use of stainless and chrome along with muted, natural colors really does it for me. I've spoken with Sacha via email, and he said they do the entire PPG/Imron palette. Still, the colors they have on the site are great. That tan fixe with the Nitto bars, brown leather tape and twine wrap has been calling to me in my sleep.
I bet that they would...Gregory Taylor
Nov 13, 2002 11:38 AM
...send you a headbadge.

I'm using an ITM "Millenium" stem and a Deda 260 bar. Black Deda tape. Nothing fancy. The Dean has a longer top tube than my Cannondale, so I'm going to try a shorter (1cm) stem. A Record carbon post as a plain ol' Flite saddle will complete the package.

The tan Vanilla reminds me of Joplin ragtime pieces for the piano. Old, yet timeless. Makes you happy just being in its presence.
Great commentsn69
Nov 13, 2002 11:47 AM
I really dig that. On that note and given that it's sunny and about 65 today in NOLA, I'm sneaking out of work early to go hom and ride. Thank you for the inspiration.

I look forward to your first ride report.