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to "toronto-rider" trainer workout(1 post)

to "toronto-rider" trainer workoutjradford
Nov 13, 2002 8:19 AM
so far I am working on four workouts that I will do. two workouts will be done on each ride.

1. Is a interval of 30on 30off 30on 30off 30on 5min off and repeat 3 times.

2. Is sprints I speed up to a very fast speed on the trainer for 30 secs and then sprint. Try to get the fastest leg speed you can. do 2 in big gear for strength and 1 in small gear for leg speed. (I hit over 200 rpm last night and my max speed was 103 km/h)

3. I call this my power work out and have only done this once this year and I am still working out the bugs. but here it goes. I start in the 42X17 with the power seting on my trainer on 2 for 60 secs then shift to power seting 3 for 60 sec untill i get to 5 then I start shifting up in gears for 60 secs each untill I am in 42X13. The resistance gets greater as you shift up. I am trying this out to increase leg strength. spin you legs out for 5 min and repeat the same steps but in the big ring.

4. I had an acceleration workout but fundout that it does not work very well on the trainer.

5. once or twice a month I will do a 15k time trial on the trainer to gage where my fitness is at. make sure that your trainers power setting is on the same setting as before.

I ride 90 min on sunday
80min on tuesday and thursday
and 20min spin on the rest of the days
I increase time on the longer days buy 5% each week

Take a lok at the link below. this site is where i got most of my ideas.

good luck with your training.