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Mavic CXP33 or open pro cd?(4 posts)

Mavic CXP33 or open pro cd?ol
Nov 12, 2002 7:13 PM
Wanting to build up a set of racing/training wheel with dura ace hubs. I am trying to decide which rim to go for,I have narrowed it down to the above rims. I am 145 pounds with a smooth pedalling action. Any feedback welcome.
CD rimsNessism
Nov 12, 2002 7:58 PM
The CD rims are hard anodized. This process hardens the metal slightly which is not good for crack resistance - makes the metal brittle. The CD coating is also quite slippery which makes for a poor braking surface. Regular raw Al sidewalls offer much better braking performance particularly in the wet.

I recommend the regular Open pro rims with colored anodized surface treatment - not hard anodized. The CPX33 rims are also quality pieces but they are heavier and do not offer andy noticable aero advantage.

Good luck.

Both should work just fine...Quack
Nov 13, 2002 7:30 AM
I think the CXP-33s are about 75 grams heavier, but I personally believe they are stronger, and have yet to have one suffer from the click problem that plagues some OPs. I own sets of both and have had good luck with both. The OPs definitely have more of the pro look than the CXPs. I agree with the above CD recommendation. And would add that once they're ridden in the rain, the CD coating will start wearing off due to the sand between the pads and rims and look bad. Stick with the AL sides.

CXP33 vs Open ProPeterRider
Nov 13, 2002 2:58 PM
I was riding a set of Open Pro/Ultegra rear and 600 front. Very satisfied of it. But I just built a set with CXP33/old dura ace 7400 rear and chorus front. I don't know at all where the difference comes from, but this set is just much nicer. Seems to roll smoother, go faster, more 'comfortable'. Everybody seems to have concerns about weight of this and weight of that, I didn't check the weight. But one thing is sure, I like them. This is really strange.

I had Rolf Vector Pros earlier this year. Well, I was not impressed by those wheels, not confident in the low number of spokes and annoyed by the crosswind effects. So I sold them and kept my old OP/Ultegra/600. But this time, I think the CXP33/DA/chorus are really really nice. If anybody has something nicer to recommend (don't have money for Ksyriums and want to be able to build them myself) I am interested.