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Component Upgrade(5 posts)

Component Upgraderookierider
Nov 12, 2002 3:53 PM
Working on purchasing an awesome bike; Seven Odonata. I'm planning on swapping over the Ultegra triple from an older (but not too old) bike to the new Seven to cut some costs. I'd like to upgrade some of the Ultegra to Dura Ace (still triple) at the same time. A shop suggested to me the best components to upgrade would be the crank set, rear derailler and shifters. Would enjoy hearing opinions, suggestions from anyone with first hand knowledge of these components as far as performance, durability...

re: Component UpgradeFez
Nov 12, 2002 4:25 PM
I agree. Replacing those parts will make the biggest difference. If you are using Open Pro wheels, the Dura Ace hubs are a good choice.

I don't think it matters, but the bike components won't all match.

If you approached it from the opposite viewpoint, you could start with a DA group and use an Ultegra bottom bracket and an Ultegra chain and cogset. Cheaper and more reliable operation.
re: Component Upgradetao
Nov 12, 2002 4:31 PM
I agree with your LBS that those are the three components you'll get the most benefit out of from upgrading. Whether the benefit is worth the cost is up to you. But since you have upgrade fever, taking the plunge easily cures it. I for one, don't think the front derailleur and brakes are worth the upgrade price, and it's easily argued that the Ultegra bottom bracket is better than the Dura-Ace model without respect to price. The Dura-Ace shifters though, are noticeably quicker and more precise. The cranks are stiffer, though less notably, but the Dura-Ace chain rings are awesome and well worth it. The rear derailleur I'm undecided on whether it's worth it. Good luck with the new bike!
re: Component Upgradeweiwentg
Nov 12, 2002 6:44 PM
agree, the upgrade order should definitely be shifters first. after that? well, my friend's DA rear derailleur shifts freakishly smoothly, definitely better than my Ultegra. but I rarely miss a shift with that one. crankset? 60 grams lighter and nickel plated rings. upgrade if you get a good deal. as for the BB, take care of it and you will be fine; cost-per-gram wise it's a great deal. if you ride consistently in rainy weather you may wish to stick with Ultegra (I am not sure if the DA triple has sealed bearings).
as for brakes, get the Mavic SSCs. those are definitely drool worthy. one poster (think it was TJeanloz) called them the lightest calipers that actually work. whether or not it is worth the $135 (at Excel Sports) to upgrade is another question.
Good advice from the lbs.look271
Nov 12, 2002 5:51 PM
Go with a D/A chain, too. Not much more $$ but a great chain.