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You'd think Tommasini only made one bike...(3 posts)

You'd think Tommasini only made one bike...collinsc
Nov 12, 2002 11:49 AM
does anybody know anything about Tommasinis non-steel bikes?

Their aluminum/carbon bikes (ie: Carbo-plus and Carbo-light) have caught my attention in my search for a stylish but understated, rare but respected Italian steed.

Biggest problem seems to be all the bikes I am interested in are utterly N/A in my area. So riding is basically not going to happen unless I make a trip to Colorado. The Carbo-plus got some very nice reviews here:

Can anybody concur/deny/add/detract from any of that? Is there a better place to get a Carbo-light than from colorado cyclist?

William lewis Imports.Sintesi
Nov 12, 2002 1:01 PM
Brings the Tommasinis in. Here's link.

These shops have some Tommasinis.
re: You'd think Tommasini only made one bike...Tommasini
Nov 12, 2002 2:10 PM
I proudly ride an aluminum Premier Plus and also have an unused CarboLight for sale (already listed last Sunday in the RBR classifieds). Even if not your size maybe I can still try to help with any of your specific questions about Tommasinis' as I've owned my share. Great classy bikes (with very durable paint) that keep me coming back (and thus my nickname). As of a few months ago it was announced that Wm Lewis is no longer doing the Tommasinis', it is now handled out of a new importer who is listed on the Tommasini website.