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RETARDED,This guy on ebay is 5'10" and he says his(12 posts)

RETARDED,This guy on ebay is 5'10" and he says hisLazywriter
Nov 11, 2002 4:33 PM
He 'writes' like you do........gogene
Nov 11, 2002 4:53 PM
.....and yer a putz.
He 'writes' like you do........Lazywriter
Nov 11, 2002 5:29 PM
and your wife is a skanky whore. LOL You are a moron and that is a fact because if am omniscient.
I can tell the future53T
Nov 12, 2002 6:29 AM
When you grow up and have your own kids, you won't call people retarded, and you mother will be proud she raised a good son. Why do you torture her in the meantime?
re: RETARDED,This guy on ebay is 5'10" and he says hisScottland
Nov 11, 2002 5:21 PM
re: RETARDED,This guy on ebay is 5'10" and he says hisPescador
Nov 11, 2002 5:27 PM
It's almost as bad as the fit on this Vortex.
LOL, seeing that my picture got more hits than any inChronomonster
Nov 11, 2002 5:41 PM
the history of the Bike Shots, I am posting a different shot. Looks pretty standard to me with a 3 inch drop or so from the saddle. Don't quite get the drama associated, sorry. All I know is that my bike kicks a$$.
This guy's ride must not fit well either.Chronomonster
Nov 11, 2002 6:17 PM
He doesn't have 7 inches of seatpost showing. No offense but you are a slave to fashion if you ride with a ridiculous set up like all the pros are doing. Huge drop on a very very small frame.
Frame geometry?Iwannapodiumgirl
Nov 11, 2002 8:16 PM
So, a sloping frame, as compared to a traditional frame, should not necessarily result in a significant visual difference between seatpost height and stem height, based on your comment.

This, even though the saddle/stem drop is the same?
OK, LazymoronPescador
Nov 11, 2002 7:04 PM
or is it Chronomonster for now?
According to many, all Litespeeds look alike.Chronomonster
Nov 11, 2002 7:34 PM
Still not my bike but there is a connection somewhere along the line. LOL There are a few possibilities but I will let your imagination fly.
You sound like Dogbreath Esquire or am I reaching? LOL
Are we getting bored here?Alexx
Nov 11, 2002 6:40 PM
Get a life!!!