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Rollers can be exciting(2 posts)

Rollers can be excitingspuncrazy
Nov 10, 2002 6:12 AM
My first day of mandatory rollers as it actually rained in San Diego. Not hard, but wet enough during my available riding time that I did not go out.

Picked up some rollers and as suggested on the board I picked up a old bike to ride on them, a Centurion Dave Scott Ironman(not the 24" front tire model) for a song.

I had my TV, VCR, fan, and wireless headphones all hooked up and was spinning along, with the lights off, rockin out to a Micheal Schenker concert. Then 11.7 miles into the ride all of the sudden the old front tire blew out, and there was a pow,crash,bang,clank,Sh!t,Whoa. My wife comes running in the garage, what was that noise? Oh nothing dear, I was just ridin in the safety of my own garage. That was pretty exciting there for a moment.

So even on rollers make sure you have tires that are in good shape. Those blown out sidewalls can be dangerous.
Stay tuned for further adventures of Rollerman.
re: Rollers can be excitingblownpupil
Nov 10, 2002 4:03 PM
Actually, I've had a few experiences on rollers that could've (should've) been in "Jackass-the Movie". Maybe Johnnie Knoxville will bring his cam-corder to my place next time it rains.