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First Road Bike Need Advice Part Two(5 posts)

First Road Bike Need Advice Part Two6pack
Nov 7, 2002 7:52 PM
Thanks to All who Posted.
Thanks to ALL who posted The first time..
The Fit / comfort are the most importent to me be it new or used. To me and I maybe wrong
about this two bikes same make /model everything the same are going to ride /feel different if
I find a bike at my LBS like the ride / feel / comfort have it fitted to me find the same bike online new
or used buy it don't I take a chance of it not riding / feeling the same ? Right now my LBS has 02 models
on sale Lemonds Buenos Aires $1350. Zurich $1680. The Bianchi Vigorell that i like for $1360.
Hoping the prices to come down even more. As for the kind of riding I'll be doing. First a little
social riding to get use to the bike. Than alittle faster pace group riding a little put up or shutup
with friends with the bike and I doing the putting up and not the shuting up :-)))

Thanks 6 pack
re: First Road Bike Need Advice Part TwoSpunout
Nov 8, 2002 4:49 AM
So, are you able to test ride the bikes? Check them out for fit? I assume that the components on the Vigorelli and the BA are similar, so close! The Zurich brings the 853 Pro tubeset into play, narrowing the distinction between TI and steel. The bike is very light and stiff (I ride a Zurich).

Steel is Real.
Not exactly sure what you're asking ...Allez Rouge
Nov 8, 2002 5:47 AM
... about a bike at your LBS and a bike bought online fitting, feeling or riding differently. If they are exactly the same year and model, with identical components right down the line, the two bikes will fit and ride exactly the same (subject to manufacturing tolerances, which will be so small it would not be humanly possible to feel them). If they are NOT exactly the same year and model, then you have to do some homework and find out if the frame design or material has changed from one year to the next, if any of the components have changed, etc.

Typically the first decision is the frame material; but be aware that not all frames built of the same material will ride the same. Not even close! So you have to decide not just that you want (for example) a steel frame, but WHICH steel frame, and which fork. Following the frameset, the wheels and then the tires are going to make the biggest difference in how the bike rides (some say the wheels are more important than even the frame). So if you were looking at (again, for example) a brand new LeMond and a two-year-old LeMond that you knew for a fact had exactly the same frame, the next thing to look at would be the wheels.

The advantage of buying from an LBS -- make that a GOOD LBS -- is that they can work with you to make sure the fit is really right. A good shop will gladly swap out things like stems and bars and maybe even crankarms at no cost to get the fit correct. If you buy online, this may or may not be possible; at minimum, you'll have to know what size pieces you need. If you buy used (which I still think is a good idea, in many cases), this obviously isn't possible ... but you can use some of the money you save to change out these less expensive components to get the bike the way you want it. A possible variation in which you get the best of both worlds would be to find a good used bike at a good LBS ... you'll get more for your money, and the shop will be able to help you get the bike fitted exactly right.

You are right to be thinking about fit and comfort first (and in that order, since proper fit is essential for comfort). Don't focus too much on the price. I understand that there's such a thing as budgets and a limit to what a person can spend, but believe me ... if one bike fits you better or rides better but costs a few hundred more than the next-best candidate, you will never, ever regret spending the extra money. The sting of paying more will quickly fade but the pleasure of having the right bike under you will last for miles and miles, years and years.
re: First Road Bike Need Advice Part TwoDave L
Nov 8, 2002 6:58 AM
I ride a Zurich and my wife rides a Buenos Aires, the fit of two bikes will be the same. As for comfort, in a ride shorter than thirty miles, I can not tell a difference in comfort. But on a longer ride, the Zurich has an edge. The difference in components is really only the wheels are slightly lighter on the Zurich. Only you can judge if the price difference is worth it.

As for LBS vs Internet, I would use the LBS myself. You will need service after you purchase the bike and only the LBS can do that. For example, I had a problem with two broken spokes on my rear wheel. The LBS replaced all the spokes and nipples at no charge after the bike had over 3000 miles on it.

Good luck and enjoy your new bike
The Bianchi has very favorable reviews on this siteUprwstsdr
Nov 8, 2002 7:38 AM
It seems like a good price and most importantly you like it. Go for it. Buy it and ride it this weekend, it's supposed to be a beautiful one (at least on the east coast). I purchased my first road bike in 15 years over the summer. I got lucky with a used bike from RBR's classifieds that fit (actually exceeded) all my needs. Otherwise, I would probably be on a Vigorelli myself. Bianchi's are great bikes. Are you paying more for a name? Maybe, but at least it is a name with a long, storied, history. Also, I happen to like celeste.