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Any experience with Stronglight Cranks(2 posts)

Any experience with Stronglight Cranksbugleboy
Nov 7, 2002 6:58 AM
I saw the new Z light cranks and was wondering if anybody had any experience with them or stronglight in general. How do you think that they would compare to Durace? If you had your choice of Z lights or FSA team carbons which do you think that you choose? Why? Any experience with Isis Drive BB's? Good, bad or ugly?
Stronglight has bad PR but good products.phacops rana
Nov 7, 2002 8:39 AM
It's not too well known a copmpany Stateside, but they're big in France. I rode a Peugeot with the Z cranks for a day and a half last summer, and they seemed fine to me. Can't say about long term durability (old Stronglight T/A chainrings were made out of aluminum alloyed with butter, they wore out so quickly), but the forging was clean with no "flash" and a finished backside, unlike some of the older Stronglight cranks. On the other hand, those older cranks never did develop cracks, as was the case with the Super Record crank, from which the old Stronglight was copied.

I will say this about Stronglight--they still make the best headsets. You can buy a King and get a great headset, but it won't be any better than the Stronglight, and it will cost more. Building up my custom Strong frame a couple of years ago, I went out of my way to spec one of their headsets (it's threadless, but they make threaded, too): the H/S is one place where roller bearings really, really make sense. I'll take them over cartridge bearings in that application any day.