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computrainer(2 posts)

Nov 6, 2002 4:19 PM
Thinking about geting a computrainer. What are the pros and cons of this unit(the 3d version)
thanks for any insight
re: computrainertigermilk
Nov 7, 2002 8:48 AM
Cons - cost, can't take it outside with you, downhill riding not realistic (there's no coasting), coaching software not included with purchase (would allow you to look at time histories of your data for independent processing), tends to jump around if you do a heavy power sprint (I need to anchor it to the floor to make it better)

Pros - gives you a repeatable environment to measure progress, nice selection of courses, ability to make your own course, drafting model that can be used against the computer rider or one of your own saved performances, spin scan software to assess your pedaling, hold their value pretty well (especially if you buy a used one), can really feel the resistance from aero or grade.

I bought one after breaking my hip in a crash earlier this year. It kept me sane by being able to ride while still not able to ride outdoors. If you are obsessed with numbers, it's a great item. I'm always looking to improve my power and this allows be to do that. I'm always trying to squeeze those extra watts out since the last ride. I bought a used one off ebay for $900, and I could probably get that back easily if sold today. But I won't be selling it. I love it for what it gives me - great physiological feedback and disciplined training. The spin scan tool provides feedback to me not so much on pedal stroke (there's debate in this area) but on left/right power distribution.

Also, there's the new topo software which allows you to make courses easily from the US map. I intend to pick that up soon to prepare for races.

The only significant complaint I have is that you can't take it on a ride with you. I'm getting a powertap to take power training outdoors.