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Non ferrous frames - longevity/durability question(3 posts)

Non ferrous frames - longevity/durability questionmass_biker
Nov 6, 2002 6:57 AM
Looking around me on regular training sessions, I am struck by the relatively low incidence of regular steel frames, and the increasing prevalence of non-ferrous (aluminum, Ti, carbon, alum/carbon, Ti/carbon) frames. What have been your long-term experiences with these frames for training and racing these frames (i.e. not sticking it in a corner and looking at it). Although I have ridden and raced a bunch of materials in the past, my most recent experiences have been with steel and I am curious as to the types of experiences people have had with the new breed of materials. Any perspective on "hybrid" frame construction (ti or al front traingle/carbon rear, carbon tubes/al. lugs, carbon tubes/carbon lugs) would be appreciated. Any ideas on what to avoid would be helpful also. Any makers with lifetime (frame) warranties nowadays?

no inherent longevity issuestrekkie1
Nov 6, 2002 7:12 AM
I think it's wrong to think that any frame material alone will determine the durability of it. Even steel frames can have durability issues, especially if the steel is made thin enough to compete with other materials in weight.

All types of materials can have great or poor durability issues. I think the thing to avoid if the newest of any desing or materials, as they would be yet to be proven. The latest fad of bonding carbon parts to metal parts might fall in that category.

So, I'd suggest narrowing your choices to a few frames and asking specific questions about those. With over a thousand frames available from over a hundred makers, it would be very difficult to generalize.
re: best warranty i know ofThirtyFive
Nov 6, 2002 3:39 PM

frame is aluminum with carbon seat stays ~$300 @ ebay

-lifetime warranty
-if you wreck, they will repair it at cost of materials
-if you wreck and its hopeless, they will sell you a new frame at below wholesale

btw i have no experience with the frame or with warranty claims. just parroting what is posted on their site