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tyre wear while using turbo trainer(4 posts)

tyre wear while using turbo trainerscruffyduncan
Nov 6, 2002 2:09 AM
My tyres seem to be wearing quickly when I use my turbo trainer, is this usual?, should i use harder tyres or is the trainer wrongly set up?,


Seems to be normalEager Beagle
Nov 6, 2002 3:41 AM
I don't quite know why, but I think it may be to do with the roller running hot through friction, and causing the rubber to break down faster.

May as well use the hardest tyres you can find (compound wise), as it's not going to made a difference to the ride quality.
How's the roller pressure?jw25
Nov 6, 2002 6:28 AM
If your tires are just wearing quickly, but not leaving residue on the roller, you might want to check the tire pressure (run them at what you'd run on the road. I don't recommend maxing out the psi, as trainers will heat the tire more than riding outdoors, and iar expands when heated.)
Also, check the contact pressure of the roller. You only need enough pressure to prevent squealing. My trainer has a knob to adjust tension, so I move the roller into contact, then add a full turn of tension. If this still squeals, I add more in quarter-turn amounts. Too high a tension could cause faster wear.
Also, if you're getting residue on the roller, you probably need to add tension. I once saw a rider burn through an eighth of an inch of tread, because she didn't set the roller tension anywhere near high enouugh. The tire was losing contact at certain points, then hitting a non-spinning roller at speed, which created enough friction to melt the tread. She had a nice black ring on the roller, with rubber dust everywhere, and a flat, shiny crown on the tire.
As for tire choice, most anything will do, as long as it runs true and round, but I prefer a softer tire, as it makes less noise. So I save old race tires that get cuts or are too worn to trust outside, and use them up in the winter.
How's the roller pressure?JimP
Nov 6, 2002 7:54 AM
In addition, I will wipe off the roller and the tire with a rag with alcohol to remove any residue that can cause slippage. I went through a tire that was too soft and with too much roller tension on a new trainer. What a mess - tire dust everywhere. Now I make sure the pressure is "road pressure" and the roller tension is as jw25 says - just "enough to prevent squealing".