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R2000Si Cannondale(8 posts)

R2000Si CannondaleMorgan
Nov 5, 2002 12:55 PM
Hey I am selling a road bike like alot of the guys on this site. its a 2001 Cannondale Si that has all the lightweight parts. 58 cm is the size. Check it out if you are looking for a good deal on a road bike. Let me know if you have any questions at

Item # 1579038429

OK now you can sling those arrows at me for posting this. I think I am fast enough to dodge them. ;)

Nov 5, 2002 1:10 PM
don't know why, but i found that kinda funny. It's like stealing a cookie even though you knew your Mom was watching. You were willing to deal with whatever punishment just for a taste of the choclatey goodness.
No doubt a bunch of people will have some harsh words for this guy... and rightly so. He deserves it. It's still funny though.
hahah...Well I am glad I could make someone smile today.Morgan
Nov 5, 2002 2:03 PM
Sorry its an addiction to bikes, there is always another that can catch my eye! Better than looking at women, Right?
At least thats the line I use with my wife. ;-)
No arrows, please post it in the classifieds to help support RBRUprwstsdr
Nov 5, 2002 1:17 PM
What happened to the decals on the downtube?steve-z
Nov 5, 2002 1:21 PM
Came from the factory, that way! limited editionMorgan
Nov 5, 2002 2:08 PM
So that's what the local dealer friend told me when I got it. Only came this way on this color and model. It was one of the reasons I liked it. Stealth look to it.
limited edition - Puleez. Had a Professor who used to refer toPdxMark
Nov 5, 2002 3:17 PM
the Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition with gold wheels, only a million sold... I wish I had a limited edition generic Cannondale... oh wait, I do... but my Saeco Team "Limited Edition" makes my generic 'Dale special-er than all those other plain Caad 5's. Nice that we can all express our individuality in mass-marketed products.
limited edition - Puleez. Had a Professor who used to refer toMorgan
Nov 5, 2002 4:55 PM
Oh, first arrows thrown, but I am too quick and you missed me. Yes, I know everyone has a Saeco Team dale. And yes there may be more than 1000 of these made, everyone who has one raise your hand. Now don't you think the bike has a nice sexy look :)