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Question for biknben???(2 posts)

Question for biknben???scary slow
Nov 5, 2002 12:41 PM
A few weeks ago you posted a picture of your newly converted fixed gear. I was wondering what difficulties, if any, you had in doing the conversion (chainline, gear sizing, etc.). I have the exact same frame, late 80's Fuji Club, that I am getting ready to convert. I am ready to order parts from Sheldon Brown and want to make sure to get everything necessary to do the conversion. I would hate to make several orders to get it right. I have read all of the information on Sheldon Brown's site and think I have it figured out, but any input you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
I too could benefit from a little fixed gear conv. 101lampshade
Nov 6, 2002 9:30 AM
I am in the same boat. Converting an early 80's Ross tourer and getting ready to order from Harris Cyclery. Is it best to order on of their pre built track hub wheels, or is it easy to convert one I have laying aroud? It's an open pro/105. Could someone put up a list of what is needed and any specific problems to look out for? It would be super helpful. With all of the info on Sheldon's site, I am surprised that he does not have a step by step fixed gear conversion.