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Strange knee issue (at least to me)(20 posts)

Strange knee issue (at least to me)JL
Nov 4, 2002 11:36 AM
While riding a few weeks ago with fellow RBR rider, Ray Sachs, I must have strained something on the upper inside of my left knee. Everything had been going well up to that time, but I "limped" back to Ray's house and he had to give me a lift home. I was sore going up/down steps the next 2 days.

Anyway I gave it a week off (with ice, NSAIDs, etc.) and tried to ride again the next weekend. It still hurt enough to "limp" home again, so I gave it more time. The next weekend it was just slightly noticable and I did only 40 miles for 2 days. Finally, this past weekend (after not riding during the week again), my Saturday ride (25 miles) pain free (yahoo, or so I thought). Sunday, I was going to try a little more, but after 15 miles the knee kicked in again and I had to "limp" home again.

Anyone else ever hurt there knee there? It's slightly above the knee cap on the inside of the leg. I haven't had any issues all year, and never on my left leg, so this one was a particularly strange injury to me. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Should I give it more time than a week and just do other non-leg bearing cross training? I haven't been pushing on any of the rides, just taking my time and enjoying fall. Any help would be appreciated.


re: Strange knee issue (at least to me)GMS
Nov 4, 2002 11:56 AM
The inside of my left knee complains if my saddle is too high. It usually recovers quickly if I correct the problem. This may or may not be the same area that you injured. I think it is more towards the rear inside of my left knee that is affected.

I do not recall any problems walking, but lifting my foot backwards (upstroke) was what made the pain most noticeable.

Again, correcting the cause of the problem stopped the pain almost immediately (it didn't get any worse), and a day or two of taking it easy on the upstroke was enough for me to be fine again.
Here's some reading...Ouch
Nov 4, 2002 12:59 PM
(Funny, I think I just posted this maybe a week ago...)

Is the pain you are experiencing right between the quad muscle and the knee cap, right in the depression just below the quad? That's where I was feeling pain earlier in the year. The diagnosis was a patella that was not tracking properly. This can be caused by a weak quad muscle or a patella that doesn't have enough of a deression in the back to keep it on track. There might be other reasons but I don't recall any at the moment.

Anyway, it sounded like it was in a similar location to my knee pain. Taking it easy for a few weeks, doing leg lifts (or just isometric leg lifts) to tighten up the quad and ibuprofin was the therapy. After a bout a month I eased back into cycling.
Which article/affliction are we talking about? Help? (nm)Spunout
Nov 4, 2002 1:06 PM
Pick your ailment... ;-)Ouch
Nov 4, 2002 2:55 PM
I was just pointing out the web site in general as a good resource for reading up on knee probs.

For the problem I was describing above, the "Unstable Patella" article applies.
Grazie!! "Unstable Patella" watch out! (nm)Spunout
Nov 5, 2002 4:59 AM
That's where it is...JL
Nov 4, 2002 1:40 PM
but I don't know why it would just show up now. With the exception of a 50% lighter September/October riding schedule nothing else had really changed. You nailed the location though, right above the knee cap in the depression below the quad. No noticable swelling and I don't even notice it when I'm not riding.

I guess I'll try and do other forms of exercise for a while and strengthen the knee area some.

Thanks for the help.

Wow, I've been having the same problemcollinsc
Nov 4, 2002 4:49 PM
same place, same leg.

guess ill just keep on taking it easy.
re: Strange knee issue (at least to me)Spunout
Nov 4, 2002 1:05 PM
I had it too. I could mash the pedals all I want, but as soon as I thought to pull and lift on the pedal stroke I'd blow that muscle. Knock on wood, I've got it licked so far.

So, let it heal, work on strength, go back slow.
Thanks all.JL
Nov 4, 2002 1:42 PM
I'll just rest it some more and work on some leg strength.

Happy riding.

Good luck...Ouch
Nov 4, 2002 3:01 PM
One bit of follow up - you may want to start out slow and you may want the take a quick trip to your doc to confim (that's what i did)

My wife had a similar problem and felt the leg raises exacerbated the problem. I did too. So, the doc recommended just doing the isometric exercises withOUT bending the knees at first. Just tighten the quad up. After a week or two of doing say 3 sets of 20 reps twice a day, I was able to do the leg lifts w/o pain. I didn't get back on the bike for a few weeks after that.

Good luck!
what sort of isometric exercises?collinsc
Nov 4, 2002 5:03 PM
this stuff?
That's themOuch
Nov 5, 2002 7:47 AM
1) and 4) were the ones I was thinking of.

Thanks for the link!
re: Strange knee issue (at least to me)Ray Sachs
Nov 4, 2002 7:10 PM
Wow John - sorry to hear the knee's still bothering you. I'd rest it for a while, but after this much time without really doing anything to irritate it, I'd think about seeing a doc or physical therapist too. I hope you get it worked out soon.

I'm not allowed to come out and play withJL
Nov 5, 2002 5:33 AM
you anymore. Between the knee and the f#*ts, there's just too many problems when I ride with you.

Just kidding. Like I said it doesn't bother me at all during the week (I'm not riding though). I'll just try some exercises and call my PT friend for more help. Saturday was great with no pain. Sunday it kicked in after 15 miles. I was really just taking my time and trying not to push the pace.

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine and back riding with you again soon. I'll just put on some new tires! ;)

I don't know...Ray Sachs
Nov 6, 2002 6:57 AM
Until we have at least one trouble free ride, I'm gonna feel like a jinx :)

Maybe instead of "just taking (your) time and trying not to push the pace", you should be going hard. After all, your knee first seemed to go bad when you were taking it easy, waiting for me on a hill. Then again, I wouldn't take my advice either.

I did a ride with another fast guy yesterday. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself :)

Until we have at least one trouble free ride, I'm gonna feel like a jinx :) Maybe instead of "just taking (your) time and trying not to push the pace", you should be going hard. After all, your knee first seemed to go bad when you were taking it easy, waiting for me on a hill. Then again, I wouldn't take my advice either. I did a ride with another fast guy yesterday. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself :) -RayRay Sachs
Nov 6, 2002 6:58 AM
Just for the record, I have NO idea how that happened (nm)Ray Sachs
Nov 6, 2002 7:00 AM
Surprised nobody has mentioned pedalsmuzza_b
Nov 5, 2002 5:19 PM
I had similar symptoms a few months ago in the first third of a build-up. It coincided with starting to attack the hills, and doing some overly agressive single leg spinning on the trainer. Like you, it recurred after rest.

On advice from someone else, I looked carefully at the pedal of the leg concerned, re-aligned the cleat on that shoe slightly, and eased up the amount of float in the pedal to ensure that the knee wasn't being pushed out of line during the stroke. I then focused for a while on keeping the knee in-line thru the stroke, and continued to train (lightly) thru the pain. The knee recovered completely within a month.

I don't know whether the pedal/cleat was the problem, but speculate that I may have got my cleat alignment wrong when I replaced the cleats sometime earlier. Out of interest, I used Look pedals and the red cleats.
if that was your fixcollinsc
Nov 5, 2002 5:52 PM
then it should never happen with speedplays. guess which pedals i have?

I once had some my right SPD on the MTB not setup perfectly and it did cause pretty much the same problem.

but now, i think my knees just suck. oh, and I beat the hell out of the other (current) one on a 200 miler a few months back