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Saddles and "Rising to the Occasion"???(7 posts)

Saddles and "Rising to the Occasion"???Macho Man Savage
Nov 4, 2002 7:14 AM
Okay, what's the real deal with this problem for Men. Is it an issue? Are the saddles such as the Specialized models actually better? Do they really make a difference? Nothing has happened yet but sometimes the occasion numbness causes concern. Anyone have experience with these "Man Saving" saddles?
After my weekend off the bike, I'd say no. Maybe it helps! NMSpunout
Nov 4, 2002 7:36 AM
The question you should be asking is, who here has had abill
Nov 4, 2002 7:37 AM
problem? Here you have a sampling of dedicated cyclists, the kind who spend hours on the bike, and if anyone would be having a problem, it would be one of these (us) people.
I don't think you'll find anyone.
I use a Giro Pave, described by many as a torture device. It is a hard, narrow saddle, and I indeed have experienced numbness from time to time. The numbness is disturbing, but it's been experienced only once in a great while and only after many hours in the saddle. It always quickly has disappeared. I'm still anatomically correct and functioning. I don't buy the permanent damage theory.
If those special saddles are more comfortable to you, use them. Otherwise, though, I wouldn't worry.
re: Saddles and "Rising to the Occasion"???jw25
Nov 4, 2002 9:34 AM
I'm 27, have been riding for 10 years, racing for 5, and the only "special" saddle I have is a Flite Gel. I do notice numbness, depending on the type of ride I did. Moving around helps, as does pointing the nose of the saddle down a degree or two.
Now the good news. While things are still numb down there, they function as they should, and the numbness is only temporary. Personally, I think the health benefits of riding and training far outweigh the slight possibility of damage to the goods, but I'm still young and working well. Ask me again in 20 years.
re: Saddles and "Rising to the Occasion"???PEDDLEFOOT
Nov 4, 2002 11:07 AM
I personally have had no "functional" problems since I've started riding .I tend to do long rides where numbness to some degree does occur.I ride on a Flite Gel and think that it works far better than the Specialized BG or Serfas RX that I tried.Those split saddles IMO cause more problems than they solve(if they even work at all).Find a saddle that is comfortable to you and play with the set up.Don't be concerned with the numbness issue.
Nov 4, 2002 11:07 AM
re: Saddles and "Rising to the Occasion"???
Nov 4, 2002 1:07 PM
I've been riding for only 4 months now, but I do 100-150 miles on just the weekends with groups in Atlanta and I've never had numbness. But my saddle also points like 10-15 degrees down, so I guess my overall position just doesn't put the pressure in the same place as you guys. I may get sore on my sit bones, but I've never gotten numbness.