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Nov 4, 2002 5:10 AM
I have seen a few reivews with questions regarding and the Tsunami frames. Well I just received my Tsunami Compact road frame and Martec carbon fork last week and I thought I would do everyone a favor by doing a quick review.

On October 25th, I called chucksbikes at (562) 789-8582 to place an order. Prior to that, we exchanged a few emails regarding procuct information and etc. Chuck (I assume) was extremely helpful.

I ordered the Tsunami Compact road/Martec fork ($195.00), FSA 1 1/8 threadless headset an extra drop out and a couple other items.

The frame and parts arrived the following Friday, 11/01 in a well packaged box. Shipping costs were less than $20.00, quite reasonable.

I had only seen pictures and had no real idea what to expect. When I opened the box, I was very pleased. Everything was packaged well.

The frame looked very nice and felt light weight. It had some "unusually" shaped tubing, making it look a bit exotic.

I immediately took it to the lab, a.k.a. my basement bikeshop for statistics.

Tsumani compact road (medium)
Weight 3lbs
Weight wiht fork & hs 4.5lbs

Measurements c to c
Top Tube 21"
Seat Tube 20"
Chain stay 16.5"
Wheelbase 40"
Head Tube 5.5"

Translation, the Medium is best equal to a 54cm ride, not the 56cm described from Chucksbikes. Not a problem, as I usually ride a 55cm.

The test ride. Understand that I usually race triathlons/TT's. This bike was purchased so I could give my Trek Y-Foil a break from daily riding. I also had been racing a Giant TCR (medium) for the last 4 years as well.

Not bad, not bad at all. If my eyes were closed (not suggested, especially on the aerobars) I could almost swear I was on my TCR. Remember, you will pay $500.00 or so for a new TCR. The fork was stiff and predictable.

To make a long review short...
Quality ride at a reasonable cost
Great customer service
Fast shipping
Only kid on my block with a Tsunami (su-nam-e)
Nice looks
Nice ride

No manifest or billing statement in package
Unkown warranty longevity road testing
Wrinkled graphic decal (small but noticible)

Buy one if:

you are considering a TCR but don't have the $$ or don't want to look like everyone else

you need a second bike to save your racing machine.

you have extra parts around the house or want to build a cool looking single/fixed gear.

If I've missed anything, please contact me at

Pictures to come.
Nice post, thanks. I looked at one of the Tsunamis as aRhodyRider
Nov 4, 2002 7:54 AM
possible secondary bike, but instead I ended up buying the GT ZR 2.0 from ChucksBikes. He was a pleasure to deal with for me, too, no hiccups whatsoever. I won't bother with a review of the GT, since it is/was more of a known quantity around here than Tsunami, but suffice it to say it is VERY nice, and was a tremendous bargain ($295 frame + straight-blade CF fork + headset.)