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Question for you tall guys(6 posts)

Question for you tall guys2melow
Nov 3, 2002 8:11 AM
What winter tights are you using that fit you? I'm still trying to find a pair of tights that fit, looking for the equivalent of a Craft Storm tight, Pearl AmFib, or another type that has wind blocking properties yet is still breathable and VERY warm. Pearl makes some microfleece tights I have in a tall large size, but it is getting chilly with those and knee warmers over them

I'm sick and tired of wearing my ski socks and having my booties *barely* cover the sock/tight gap with my current short winter tights (AmFibs). To make matters even worse, i'm a rail at 6'3" 160# and finding stuff that fits has been a challenge.

Thanks in advance!
re: Question for you tall guysPjkad
Nov 3, 2002 3:58 PM
I buy most of my stuff from Boure. Excellent quality and the sizes fit me well (I'm 6'6"). I got their tights and they cover my long legs in full.
Second BoureStewK
Nov 4, 2002 4:24 AM
I have custom tights and custom bibs from them. The quality seems good and it's nice to have some stuff that fits.
Patagonia Loose Tights work for me at 6'4"cory
Nov 3, 2002 7:07 PM
They're fairly warm and, as the name implies, not skin tight, which I like. If it's really frosty, I wear microfiber shell pants over them. About $75, I think, but there's a Patagonia Outlet in Reno that sells them for half price, and sometimes half off that.
Nashbar Long sizes also fit me pretty well, and they're much cheaper.
try this one...Rode Warrior
Nov 4, 2002 9:54 AM
Gekko Gear
They make a very warm fleece tight, that I used down to 15 Degrees F last winter, and my legs never got cold. I heartily recomment them to anyone. And even though my legs aren't as long as yours, the medium tights reached to my shoes.

Now I find out they changed their name. Hmmmmmm.
Here's the productRode Warrior
Nov 4, 2002 10:05 AM