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TOOLS - hey experienced wrenchs - a little help here, thx(13 posts)

TOOLS - hey experienced wrenchs - a little help here, thxScot_Gore
Nov 2, 2002 11:43 AM
Hi all,

I've never worked on my own bike and know very little about the how to do much of anything to it other than fix a flat. The rest I've left to the LBS.
I've decided to try to learn. I'm on the list for a call the next time my LBS has a Park Tool class, but in the meantime I thought I buy the tools.

I have a $175.00 certificate from a charity ride last summer. I have to use it all at once, no change back before June.

My bike is full Ultegra, Ritchey Logic Pro threadless Headset, Shimano WHR-535 Wheelset.

Joekm had a helpful post a few days. The consensus on that post was to not go with a packaged kit (my first inclination) and to buy tools individually. With the advice offered in that post I've out together a list of tools that roughly spends my gift certificate. Could you experienced wrenchs review this list and offer sage advice regarding things like what I forgot, what's overkill, what won't work well on my components, etc.

Park CBW-1 The CBW-1 is an 8mm open and 10mm open end wrench. 4.99
Park CBW-4 The CBW-4 is a 9mm open and 11mm open end wrench. 4.99
Park PW-4 The new PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench is designed for heavy shop use 27.99
Park BBT-2 The BBT-2 fits Shimano® cartridge bottom brackets. 12.49
Park FRG-1 Cassette Lockring Tool Guide 2.95
Park CN-4 Cable and Housing Cutter 23.95
Park SR-1 Chainwhip/Freewheel & Lockring Remover 17.99
Park CCP-2 Cotterless Crank Puller 12.99
Park PH-1 Hex Wrench Set 36.99
Park CT-1 Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool 12.99

Thanks in advance
re: TOOLS - hey experienced wrenchs - a little help here, thxmja
Nov 2, 2002 11:59 AM
You might consider good old Craftsman tools for the standard wrenches. A full set of wrenches, open-end and hex, are the beginning of an all-purpose tool kit. And before you know it, you'll be doing brake jobs on your auto.
No doudt, good adviceScot_Gore
Nov 2, 2002 1:06 PM
But Sears won't take my gift certificate. With the goal of having a good tool set for working on a bike, and you got the wrenchs at Sears, what would you get at the LBS to replace the money you were going to spend on wrenchs. Thanks for the reply

Couple of thoughtsSpoke Wrench
Nov 2, 2002 1:09 PM
I don't know if you will find a place on your bike to use either of the combination open end wrenches.

I MUCH prefer the Shimano cable and housing cutter over Park's. I have a very lightly used Park cable cutter that I don't think ever cut a cable cleanly. Saving a few bucks doesn't matter if a tool doesn't to its intended job.

I also greatly prefer the Shimano cassette lock ring tool over Parks. The Shimano tool has a dowel that sticks into the hollow axle and holds it in place. Pedro's lock ring tool is similar to Shimano's but I've never used the Pedro's.

You don't have any screwdrivers listed and you will need some. I'd also add a 12" crescent wrench to use with your lock ring remover and a good quality needle nose plier for pulling and holding shift cables while you tighten them.
the chainwhip has a socket he can use for lockring removal(nt)rufus
Nov 2, 2002 1:43 PM
the chainwhip has a socket he can use for lockring removal(nt)Spoke Wrench
Nov 2, 2002 5:16 PM
True, but you can only use it for one purpose at a time and you need the chainwhip to hold the cassette as you undo the lockring.
that must be why i bought two;-) (nt)rufus
Nov 3, 2002 9:56 AM
My opinions...TFerguson
Nov 2, 2002 1:13 PM
CBW-1, CBW-2 – Unless you have or plan on working on something more than a few years old, there is nothing that takes regular wrenches.

FRG-1 – QR (if anything) works just fine. But you do need an FR-5 (assuming that you have a Shimano 9-speed)

CN-4 – Cuts the cable OK, but just mashes the housing. I have heard that Shimano's cutter is better and I have heard nothing about the newer CN-10. I use a cutting wheel (i.e. Dremmel).

CCP-2 – The CWP-5 works fine if it's cheaper.

PH-1 – Nice

Other considerations:

Spoke Wrench to true your own wheels.
Cone Wrenches to adjust/grease your hubs.
I have had to make my own chainring nut wrench. Only needed it once, but there are no other options.
Treaded headsets? Headset wrenches –2. These can be combination, such as headset/pedal wrench.
i'd skip the open end wrenches,rufus
Nov 2, 2002 1:38 PM
and buy a set of the single ended cone wrenches, sizes 13-17. they're easier to handle on small bike parts, and you'll use them more.
re: TOOLS - hey experienced wrenchs - a little help here, thxGMS
Nov 2, 2002 4:22 PM
You can get away without a pedal wrench. My new pedals are allen wrench only.
Thanks Everyone. Based on your feedback here's a revised list.Scot_Gore
Nov 2, 2002 6:02 PM
Like any bike related project, it's begun to exceed it's expected budget.

Park SCW-Set Park® SCW-SET Shop Cone Wrench Set $39.99
Park PH-1 Hex Wrench Set $36.99
Park PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench $27.99
Park CCP-2 Cotterless Crank Puller $12.99
Park SR-1 Chainwhip/Freewheel & Lockring Remover $17.99
Park CT-1 Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool $12.99
Park FR-5 Cassette Lockring Remover $11.50
Park FR-1 Cassette Lockring Tool Guide $6.99
Shimano 2584 Shimano® Cable/Housing Cutter $37.99
Shimano Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra Bottom Bracket Tool $12.00

I already own a 12" cresent, needle nose, and spoke wrenchs.

Cone wrenches?Kerry
Nov 3, 2002 3:07 PM
You didn't list cone wrenches. You might also need a 12mm. A standard 15 mm open end wrench will fit most pedals and do just fine - check to see if your pedal flats are wide enough. I find that my regular tools cover all the open end wrench and allen wrench needs, except the larger than 6mm. Unless you have no other tools (and even if you do), it seems that $37 for a set of allen wrenches is way on the high side. I've never had use for cleaning brushes - wiping with rags works just fine. Plus, you need a torque wrench for the BB and cassette.

Since you don't mention if you have any existing tools, this makes it hard to recommend, but what you really need is:

Specialized bike tools: cone wrenches (sizes depend on your hubs), BB tool, casette tool, crank puller, chain whip, chain tool, head set wrenches, maybe pedal wrench (see above), cable cutter. Special casing cutter is a maybe (I use my cable cutter and then dress the housing with a file). If these don't get your $ total high enough, then maybe buy a pair of bike shorts, some bar tape, etc.

Regular tools to work on bikes: metric open end/box end wrenches, metric sockets, torque wrench, metric allen wrenches ("all in one" combo set that goes up to 6 mm, and then special for your bike larger than that). Sears, Ace Hardware, etc. are good sources for these tools. Whatever you do, don't get cheap tools (like from Walmart, etc.). It's amazing to watch an allen wrench bend in your hands.
Kerry, check that revised list right above your post. Feedback welcome (nm)Scot_Gore
Nov 3, 2002 5:30 PM