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Important notice to all ebayers!(6 posts)

Important notice to all ebayers!dcm311
Nov 2, 2002 10:53 AM
Ebay bike parts seller purplemonkeybicycle*com is a crook. A few months ago I bid on some brakes from him and after repeated attempts to contact him I gave up and bought some other brakes. About a month after the end to the auction he finally e-mails me and writes he will leave negative feedback if I don't pay. The brakes were only $17 including shipping so I paid. After another three weeks or so I finally got the brakes and they were incomplete--missing the straddle cable and holder specifically mentioned as included in the auction. I wrote him thinking that he had just left it out on accident, but after ten or twelve e-mails it was clear he wouldn't respond. I then registered with square trade (I couldn't ues the ebay fraud report because the tatute of limitations ran out because of his slow response and shipping) and filed a complaint which they had to abandon because he wouldn't respond. Right now I don't know what to do (the hanger and cable is exclusive to Tektro brakes and can't be bought at the LBS) and am half posting this as a warning and vent, but also would like some advice on what to do.
I had a good experience with them personallyspookyload
Nov 2, 2002 3:34 PM
You should always try to use paypal, because if you aren't satisfied, you can use them as a fall back for fraud protection. This is over a $17 deal right? Maybe the slow response is because it is not like a wheelset he sold. Hate to sound like a dick, but that may be the way he sees it. He sells lots of parts, and 1 negative feedback from you might not be much of a concern to him.
So just because it's a small deal, the seller shoulddcm311
Nov 3, 2002 8:43 PM
ignore me? Anyway, I posted the same message on and got four responses of, "that guy sucks, I'll never deal with him again". I also noticed on his feedback that many of the psotive ratings actually have negative comments and the negatives seem to come in waves. Don't know what this means, so just an observation.
re: Important notice to all ebayers!GeoCyclist
Nov 2, 2002 6:22 PM
Be glad it was only $17 and chalk it up to a lesson learned about Internet auctions / purchases. I too was a happy Internet shopper for many years. Earlier this year I joined the ranks of the published <1% ripped off on Internet auctions. I got ripped via Z-Shops. Amazon Z-Shop states they will insure your purchase for up to $2500 if you get ripped. But watch out for the 30 Day window to register a complaint. Since getting ripped I have read a few news articles about Ebay and other auction websites. They state that less than 1% of the transactions are scams; but when you look at the volume it adds up to something like 96,000 ripped off customers a year! Due to my geographic location I still Internet shop, but I stick with the Brick and Mortar stores that sell via the Internet.

re: Important notice to all ebayers!moabbiker
Nov 3, 2002 4:03 AM
Well, a seller is far more likely to get ripped off than a buyer ever does and the financial damage is enormous. Funny how few, if any, articles talk about that. There's tons of forum websites that will go into detail how a buyer scammed a seller out of thousands of dollars yet law enforcement did absolutely nothing to help them out. At least as a buyer you have the option of using a credit card to give you insurance in some way.
re: Important notice to all ebayers!mpm32
Nov 4, 2002 6:12 AM
I bought a thomson seatpost from him. Got it for 49.99 brand new. Payed by paypal. Came in within a week.