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CXP-33 and Velocity Fusion rims(3 posts)

CXP-33 and Velocity Fusion rimsscorpionking
Nov 2, 2002 7:19 AM
Anyone have these rims, how do they rate for durability and how do they compare with velocity aeroheads, deep V's and mavic open pro's?
re: CXP-33 and Velocity Fusion rimssprockets2
Nov 2, 2002 10:11 AM
I have both of these as front wheels, so this is just a partial view of things. First, I don't think that you can loose with either, as they are reasonably light, strong, and likely quite durable. I remember them as rims before I built the wheels, and I was impressed with the strength of each, especially for their weight. I know that you shouldn't push-pull un-built rims, but I couldn't resist.

I think that the Mavic material, Maxtal, is a bit more brittle than the Fusion material, FWIW. I think that the 33 is a better overall rim for powerful and big and poor-road-riders than the Open Pro, but many people want to save the extra grams and buy the OP. I like the easy build up on the 33 and they are good on the road, but in the back of my mind I am always a little hesitant about lightweight French components. Mavic has had a slew of problems with their rims and wheels, which they do mostly correct in time, but I am still wary of the French with their apparent disregard for quality-ensuring manufacturing processes. Sure, Mavic has wide acceptance and they are generally reliable, but people have had problems, some serious, some just annoying-remember the click?

On the Fusions, there is less of a track record, but they seem to be quite good. I remember them as being a touch stronger than the 33. I prefer the Fusion to the DeepV-which is VERY strong, perhaps just a bit too beefy-and the aerohead-which is considerably less strong than the Fusion, but probably adequate on the front of my wife's bike.

I don't think that you can go wrong with the 33 or Fusion, in my experience. I prefer the Fusion, with its strength and good look, but that's just IMHO.
re: CXP-33 and Velocity Fusion rimstmac13
Nov 4, 2002 9:21 AM
I have the Fusions and really like them. I came from Mavic Cosmos (which I did not like). The Fusions are noticably faster to accelerate and seem to stay true. I have had them only for 6 months, but am pleased so far. They are matched with Edco hubs and Sapim CX ray spokes.