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Anyone ride last week's "Alamo Challenge"?(1 post)

Anyone ride last week's "Alamo Challenge"?hycobob
Nov 1, 2002 9:31 PM
What started out to be a really crappy 200 mile/2 day ride ended up being sort of nice. Oh the weather was horrible (nasty rains) and the oranges all had seeds, but in the end it was a good ride I'll return for next year. I can't believe that I missed turns on each day. The first day I rode past the turn at Halletsville and was well on my way to Shiner, Tx (the fabled home of Shiner Bock beer) when I decided to press on. After all, how bad could it be? I had forgot that the preceeding week there was a big Bocktober Beerfest and outdoor concert with Collective Soul and Robert Earl Keen. The shoulder pavement was littered with glass and the road turned into nasty tar and gravel; luckily the tar didn't sling onto my new bike (Sampson Silverton w/Ouzo and D/A). This mistake added another 5 miles for 15 miles of 20+mph of headwind; only able to pedal 12mph in it. Still after this I was eighth in at the overnight stop in Moulton; I had been in the lead at the 50 mile point. Time for a shower and a couple of Shiners for a speedy recovery.

The second day I rode right past the lunch stop (and turn), but had the where-with-all to turn around and back-track the 4 miles. After getting back on couse, literally, I rode fairly well. The ride was a little odd as it seemed like everybody near the front was in a 200+ mile individual time trial...nobody wanted to keep a paceline together. Still, after the snafu at the lunch turn I ended up tenth to cross the finish line in San Antonio; and they even sagged about 100 riders to the 50 mile point.

No flats in 213 miles and only minor abrasions from riding soaked will always be a good ride. Next time though, I'll stop and get some Vasoline instead of Chamois Butter for the wet weather. When I get off work in the morning it'll be my first ride since Sunday...ow ow ow.