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Litespeed Siena '02 Small - Ride Quality?(2 posts)

Litespeed Siena '02 Small - Ride Quality?Texican
Nov 1, 2002 11:39 AM
I am negotiating a sale for an '02 Small Siena w/105 and Mavic Cosmos(looks like about $1k off retail). However, I've never ridden a Siena. I owned a 47cm Tuscany that was sold after a layoff this summer and absolutely loved that bike. It was a bit too small for me in retrospect, but the ride quality was great. I don't want to abuse my LBS that sold my Tuscany to me. I'd give him the repeat business but the Siena I'm looking at is too well discounted.

Any comments on how one might differentiate the ride quality of the Tuscany and Siena? I mostly did training rides on the Tuscany of about 30-50mi. in length and averaged 19-20mph over a variety of road surfaces. I believe the top tube length wouldn't be an issue as other bikes I've looked at with a comparable size and geometry appeared to fit fine. What might I expect to give up or gain in ride quality? I've read the recent Siena/TCR Carbon threads as a start.


re: Litespeed Siena '02 Small - Ride Quality?jp2
Nov 1, 2002 1:29 PM
my wife says the ride is a bit harsh on her med-lg sienna. i find it similar to my past oversized al tubed bike. there will be toe overlap issues, unless you use 100mm cranks and have small feet on a small. our med-lg's have overlap, and that is with a 55.5 effective tt.