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Going from 90 degree to 105 degree stem question(4 posts)

Going from 90 degree to 105 degree stem questioncw05
Oct 31, 2002 12:59 PM
I want to change my stem on my commuter from a 90 degree (3t status 13cm) to a 105 degree stem to get a more upright position, and hopefully more comfortable for commuting with a backpack,. Should I go to a shorter stem or stay with the current length? The stem on the bike is a 13 cm and a tad long but was a leftover from a old road bike. Thanks
Rotating it up will bring it a shade closer w/same length stemcory
Oct 31, 2002 1:48 PM
Won't be a lot with that small change, but rotating the stem upward would bring the bars a tiny bit closer, assuming the stem is the same length. There's a formula for figuring it out, but I can't remember it...
Since you're going to buy a new stem anyway, you could look at the tall Nitto Technomic stems that Rivendell sells ( Grant is a big fan of higher bars, and the Nitto has a loooong quill, 225mm or something. I have them on two bikes and like 'em a lot. Riv also has a detailed treatise in the new Reader about stems generally.
Rotating it up will bring it a shade closer w/same length stemCurtSD
Oct 31, 2002 2:13 PM
Going from a 90 degree stem to a 105 degree, both 13 cm will move the bars 3cm higher and 1.4 cm closer (assuming a 73 degree head tube angle).
check out this linktarwheel
Nov 1, 2002 5:42 AM
This link will take you to a chart where you can calculate stem reach/rise for different combinations. According to my calculations, changing from a 13 cm 90 to 105 stem will raise your handlebar about 1.25" (3 cm) and shorten your reach by about 0.5" (1.25 cm).