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Bar Tape - dual colors ends up looking like diamonds????(3 posts)

Bar Tape - dual colors ends up looking like diamonds????FastFreddy
Oct 31, 2002 7:48 AM
I was in Chicago at Village bike shop on my vacation and I saw that they had a Klein there that had the bars wrapped with 2 colors of tape and the effect it made was that it looked like the bars had different colored diamonds on it. I really liked the look but have no idea on how do it myself?? Anyone know how - sites showing it?

I've tried it...biknben
Oct 31, 2002 8:17 AM
I tried to do this two years ago. I got instructions from a personal web page that I don't remember. I had it printed out and could try to find it tonight but I doubt I still have it.

Basically, you wrap the bars with two lengths of tape at the same time. One in each direction, overlapping each other as you move up the bar. Kinda like doing a braid with only two strands. I started it and got couple inches up and lost interest. I was using sticky tape which made constant readjustment a problem.

What makes this wrap really difficult is trying to keep the pattern straight as you go up and around the drops and around the brake lever. I couldn't even get it right on the straight part of the drop. I gave up when I realized (1) it was going to look like crap, all crooked and wrinkled (2) it was going to take forever.

I remember the web page mentioning the Chicago area so you may have seen the work of the same person I'm referring to. The end product is totally awesome and unique. If you've got patience go for it. I suspect it's all in the technique. Once you get that right it probably isn't too bad. I was just too lazy to experiment.

I tried searching on for you but came up empty.
here ya goJS Haiku Shop
Oct 31, 2002 8:23 AM