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Would you vote for Lance?(19 posts)

Would you vote for Lance?High Gear
Oct 30, 2002 6:40 PM
USATODAY and Biography are doing a favorite athlete thing. Click on the link below to place your vote and also respond to this post once in a while to keep it up on the board.
vote for Lance! nmLeroy
Oct 30, 2002 6:56 PM
Think I'll PassREPO42
Oct 30, 2002 9:59 PM
Think I would vote for Roberto Heras first.. Not only did he ride the tour and bust his ass for his Lance, then he had the determination to come back and almost win the Tour of Spain. I have one word for Lance who never seems to put out for anyone else...."SACRAFICE".....
two words for heras "time trial"yeah right
Oct 31, 2002 12:07 AM
ps, it's sacrifice

and secondly, Lance has probably made more sacrifices than you can ever dream of.

while I'm at it, he did a pretty good job of being there for hincapie at sf gp and some of the spring classics.
waht do you talking about?Scottland
Oct 31, 2002 5:44 AM
Lance Armstrong won friggin' Tour De France 4 times!!! Iam huffing and puffing riding reverse Ox Creek road in Asheville NC (for those who know) but Lance won stages in Alpe D Huez, Mount Ventoux and killed everyone in TT. I really hate this: "for me Lance Armstrong is not that great,bacause...". Of course there is a tendency that whenever someone's overexposed by media we tend to retract and find something new, different that "only selected know about". But Lance Armstrong is part of history weather you or anyone else like it or not.
Uhhhh Lance rides for his teammates tooPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Oct 31, 2002 8:18 AM
In races other than the Tour time and again Lance has ridden for his teammates who may have a better chance of winning or are just chosen to win. In the Tour though its Lance's turn so his team is geared towards helping him to win.

What has Lance done for George in Paris-Roubaixspookyload
Oct 31, 2002 7:05 PM
Or Herras in Vuelta for that matter...his biggest two lieutenant he leaves high and dry in their limelight.
re: Would you vote for Lance?mleptuck
Oct 31, 2002 5:00 AM
To be honest, I had to vote for Michael Schumacher. After the season he and Ferrari had, no other athlete can come close to matching that level of dominance.

I hate to say it, I'm a Villeneuve fan, frankly.
Schumacher?? Its all about the Car. Villeneuve proof! (nm)Spunout
Oct 31, 2002 5:19 AM
So you think...Wayne
Oct 31, 2002 6:08 AM
Sato would have won 11 races in the Ferrari? If its "all" about the car why didn't Barrichello give Schumacher a run for his money in more races? Most of the ones I saw Schumacher was pulling away from him on every lap until he slowed at the end to let him catch back up. Clearly the car matters (I don't think Schumacher would have won 11 races in a Minardi) but so does the driver, it isn't "all" one or the other, it is the synergy of the man and machine.
Oct 31, 2002 6:44 AM
Schumacher is good, but I can't vote for a race car driver for Athlete of the Year. He's sitting on his ass the whole time. Yeah, he's got reflexes and a quick mind, but what else? And don't tell me it takes physical endurance to drive a race car, when he's competing against someone who rode a bike several hundred miles through mountains for two weeks straight.
Would Lance win 4 Tours on a different bike??? I THINK NOT! jkPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Oct 31, 2002 8:22 AM
Just kidding... great thing about cycling is the bike doesn't play nearly as much into the equation. It still does but to no degree like an F1 car. You can ride a 1980's bike and be up there but you can't drive a 1980's F1 car. Only exception are TT's where the aero advantages do help dramatically close to F1 even.

F1 no longer a sportSnowbird
Oct 31, 2002 8:28 AM
The F1 decision to exclude the Spa race over Belgium's tobacco ad ban has proven that F1 is no longer a sport. The real purpose of F1 is to sell cigarettes to young people. After over 30 years following F1 I have watched my last race until the end of tobacco sponsorship in 2006. I just hope Bernie and Max have not killed the sport by then.
I've never understood this...Wayne
Oct 31, 2002 8:56 AM
it's no secret that smoking tobacco is detrimental to your health. In fact, you'd have to pretty much be an idiot to think it's not. That's common knowledge, so if someone chooses under their own volition to smoke why can't the companies that provide the product advertise for smokers to choose their particular brand? I just started watching F1 this year, after watching sports largely devoid of cigarette advertising for most of my life, however, I didn't find myself craving a cig. in fact it never occurred to me that because I enjoy F1 I should start smoking.
I've never understood this...Snowbird
Oct 31, 2002 9:45 AM
The fact is that if you haven't started smoking by age 20 you probably never will. This is why tobacco companies sponsor activities watched by teens.
Yes, all perfectly legal but when it costs us the most beautiful and challenging race on the F1 circuit I will opt to spend Sunday mornings riding rather than watching F1.
Word, brother. Cigarettes and Gas to some of the...Spunout
Oct 31, 2002 9:45 AM
world's most exotic slums: Rio de Janiero, Hungary, etc.
Where's Stan Musial on the list?vindicator
Oct 31, 2002 8:37 AM
Oh, it's athlete of the year for THIS YEAR...

Well, Bond's accomplishments this year are truly extraordinary (not to take anything away from Lance), but, well, he's Barry and Lance is Lance, so Lance it is!

Let's not forgetREPO42
Nov 1, 2002 2:06 AM
Shaquille O'neil or how about Emmitt Smiths'rushing title record. Maybe one of the Brazilian players in World Cup. The list goes on and on...Anyways what Lance did is amazing 4straight, But still can't convince me that he is will to sacrifice himself for George or Roberto. Yeah Roberto's TT wasn't the greatest, nor was the team sent over there to protect him...Hell, was a stronger squad at the San Francisco GP. George has been trying to win the Paris Roubaix the last so many years, well where's lance??? The Domo team was stacked. It's time for George to leave the Postal boys and move to another team more suited for classics. Lets face it he ain't getting any younger and US Postal is clearly not committed to building a one day classic team to help him win any of those races.
Lance Armstrong or Valentino Rossi. NMstik__boy
Oct 31, 2002 10:28 PM