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Hey Cervelo P2K riders...(5 posts)

Hey Cervelo P2K riders...Ride-Fly
Oct 30, 2002 4:42 PM
how do ya likes the bike? Do you use them strictly for Tri's? Are they really stable platforms? Too stable, therefore not nimble enough to use in a pack? Is the geometry aggresive tri or moderate tri? Also, what is the weight? Just curious as I just saw it at a LBS for an incredible low price of $1699! I'm not really looking at Tri bike, however... this seems like such a good deal that I might get it and use it for the easy paced group rides, the occasional TTs, and recovery rides (I've always thought a relatively comfortable aero position would be a good position to spin and relax during recovery rides- do you agree or disagree?) Thanks and Ride ON!!!
re: Hey Cervelo P2K riders...feathers mcgraw
Oct 30, 2002 5:32 PM
It's a beautifullly made bike, well designed, builds up like a dream. I use it only for TT's. I suppose if you slide the seat back enough it would be ok for pack riding, but I personally don't do it. The seat post has a lot of adjustability, so you could experiment. I set mine up very aggressively, so it doesn't really work for pack riding or recovery rides. Mine is just over 19 pounds without any crazy light parts.
re: Hey Cervelo P2K riders...Akirasho
Oct 30, 2002 9:34 PM
... strictly a time trial bike...
... stable as all get out while on the aeros...
... generally, not a crit style racing rig, but handling could be "enhanced" with fork rake and stem length choices (within reason)...
... not a particularily light package, but exploits aerodynamics to a noticable advantage. You could build a light (sub 17 lb) P2K, but it would cost a small fortune. Mine is about 19 lb as well (only real trick components are a ZIPP crankset and Ouzo Pro Aero fork) but allows for an efficient aero position.
... never thought of it as a "group ride" kind of rig... but I suspect it's possible. The seatpost does allow for varying the effective geometry to mimic a road bike, but I've never had mine in anything but it's forward position. A set of drop bars (why do we plurarlize bars when there's only one?) sans aeros might work (or you could try Cervelo's Soloist). You could certainly use it for training/recovery rides (recommended to familiarize yourself with it's handling while on the aeros). Use of the aeros would be venue specific.

I paid $2100 USD for my P2K in '00 (Ultegra equipped but without the ZIPP cranks, HED wheels, Profile aeros or Ouzo Pro Aero fork) which was raceable (wheels were the first "upgrade"). At $1700, if you have a need or desire, it's not a killer deal... but not a bad one either.

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.
How is the sizing for a P2K???Ride-Fly
Oct 30, 2002 10:50 PM
I ride a '00 55cm Klein w/ a 90mm, 0 rise stem. It fits me well but I think the '03 Klein 54cm frame with a 100mm stem fits me a little better. With that being the case, would the 55cm P2K be too big? I definately DON'T want a 650 wheeled bike and I think the 55cm P2K is the smallest frame with a 700 wheels. I am not really sure but I always assumed that Tri/TT bikes would need to be just a tad shorter in the Toptube due to the placement of the elbows on the aero bars, even though the seat is positioned more forward. Is that a correct assumption? And to Akirasho, you don't think $1700 for a '02 P2K is not a really good deal??? I haven't seen any shop with a lower priced Cervelo. It seems that these bikes aren't often discounted. Ride ON!!!
How is the sizing for a P2K???Akirasho
Oct 30, 2002 11:16 PM
I went with a 61cm P2K which gives it a slightly longer top tube (60.2cm) than my road frames (generally, around 58 to 60cm) but is comfortable with the steeper seat tube angle and while on the aeros. I combined this with 140mm stem cuz I've got relatively long arms. Look at the top tube lengths involved to see if there might be fit issues but I suspect there won't be any...

As far as top tube length goes, there are varying skools of thought...

... it depends on what fits the individual.

As far as pricing... how is the bike equipped (wheels, gruppo, saddle, fork...)? Remember, a bare frame retails for around $1200 USD and you could arguably transplant parts from another rig for a real bargain... $1700 is certainly cheaper than what I paid... but every so often, you might come across an individual seller who is more motivated...

BTW, check out the NEW Cervelos at...

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.