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How noisy is your trainer?(6 posts)

How noisy is your trainer?Graydon
Oct 29, 2002 10:18 AM
I've got a wind trainer, and it sounds like a leaf blower in my living room. How much quieter would a mag or liquid trainer be? Would my roomate be able to sleep through it?
Too noisy...Aztecs
Oct 29, 2002 11:04 AM
Have a CycleOps2 and it was too noisy for my neighbors a floor down. It is more the vibrations than anything. Now I ride down in a cellar @ at friend place. I am also 6'3" 220 so that might add to the problems.
My CycleOps wind, sounds like an airplane trying to take off. NMLowend
Oct 29, 2002 11:04 AM
re: How noisy is your trainer?Horace Greeley
Oct 29, 2002 11:30 AM
I have a Performance brand fluid trainer, which is very quiet. Virtually no noise, depending on your tires (if your tires are not smooth, there is some noise). I watch TV at a very low volume b/c the rest of my family is usually still sleeping nearby. I specifically went for the fluid trainer for feel and lack of noise, and it didn't disappoint me.
re: How noisy is your trainer?SpaceCowboy
Oct 29, 2002 11:54 AM
I've got a Tacx Cycleforce Swing Magnetic Trainer. There is virtually no noise at all. If memory serves me, it has seven adjustable settings to choose from. For me, anything higher that the 5th setting is like climbing a 15 degree hill. I've had it for 3 years now and haven't had a problem (knock on wood). I've recommended it to several guys in my club and all have said they are happy with the purchase. Most places sell it for approx. $150.00. Also, it comes with a skewer that fits perfectly into the trainers clasps....
Rollers- only noisy when I fall ;)...MXL02
Oct 29, 2002 2:53 PM
Seriously, I also have a Performance fluid resistance trainer, and it seems to be pretty quiet, and a good value.