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trek composite(2 posts)

trek compositeklippur
Oct 28, 2002 9:49 PM
hey everybody, I am looking around for a new bike, (used of course seeing as I'm a broke student), and am wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with Trek's older (mid 90s) composite frames, any complaints and/or praises. I am looking at a used 2100 with 105 groupo.

cheerio, klipp
re: trek composite (2100/2200/2300)mr tornado head
Oct 29, 2002 7:25 AM
I had a 2100, and currently ride a 2300 frame. I like 'em lots for what they are. In fact, I take it down gravel roads, dirt paths, what have you & haven't had a problem with mine. This one takes quite a bit. I've laid it down a few times, put on a rack and a load that make it shimmy worse than jello in an earthquake (tip: it's not a good touring frame, nor was it ment to be-it's a crit/racing frame)and it holds up just fine, rides great. I get very little flex w/out of saddle sprints or standing climbing. I've a few divots a few layers deep on the downtube with no delamination or cracking at all.

Some people will say to stay away because the cf/aluminum lug joints come unglued. And sometimes, they do. So check these out before you buy. BUT, if it happens afterwards, Trek has a lifetime warranty on these frame and you'll get a brand new frame as a replacement (5900 series, I believe) if you take it to a Trek dealer and have them send it back to Trek. Very few dealers will ask you to whip out a warranty card on a frame that's 15-18 years old. Don't go in saying "ya gotta replace it with a '03 5900!" Just bring it in and say "it's broke, I think I remember a warranty on this frame. Can I get it fixed?" The LBS will handle it from there. Truthfully, I hope mine stays fine 'cause I'm pretty attached to it.

Otherwise, it depends on what kind of money you're plunking down for it. How much?