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A further assesment of selle italia SLR(7 posts)

A further assesment of selle italia SLRol
Oct 28, 2002 8:05 PM
Just came back from my second 80 kilom. training ride on this saddle and I have to report that this saddle rides like a dream. My first ride 100 kilom, I came home and was ready to send this saddle for as we Australians like to call it a 6, you American boys refer to it as a home run. I documented my woes on this website and recieved some very helpfull advice in return. I adjusted the fore/aft setting and the crucial tilt with a spirit level so the saddle points just ever so slightly downwards I was able to dial in the perfect position.
Some people complain about the sides of the saddle biting and chaffing their inner thighs, I had this similar problem in my first ride but with careful tilt setting the problem was resolved. I can now highly endorse this saddle with no doubts what so ever. If you like narrow design saddles put this one first on your list.
The saddles I have used so far in 12 years of riding and racing.
Rolls - way to wide for me.
Selle Italia turbo.
Selle Italia Flight.
Selle Bassano.
Mythos- pure agony.
Flight gel - hated the stitching chaffe city.
Avocet O2 - I would rather have a date with the iron maiden than ride that thing again.
Selle Italia century - up till now my favourite saddle.
San Marco Era- nose of the saddle too wide and once again all that stitching really sucks.
Fizik pave - what can I say except the name says it all, 40 ks into your ride you star thinking that you are riding on pave.
Selle Italia SLR- the holy grail of saddles ( just make sure the position is spot on).
Cheers from downunder.
Second the endorsement . . .Look381i
Oct 29, 2002 4:17 AM
I had long been a Flite Ti fan, my only complaint being inner thigh friction that tended to wear my shorts out. The SLR's narrower nose eliminated that. At the rear, the sit bone support seems just right.
and a ThirdRay Sachs
Oct 29, 2002 5:17 AM
Much to my surprise, I also really like this saddle. I'm not the type to generally like skinny saddles either. On other bikes, I have Brooks B-17 (VERY wide) and Rolls (wide) saddles and can't stand regular flites or the other skinny saddles I've tried. For some reason, when I saw an SLR in a shop, the shape just looked right so I checked it out. Very comfortable right from the start. Not much padding, so I bottom out on the shell, but it's just the right shape and hits my sit bones spot-on perfect. Did a couple of 60+ mile rides shortly after getting it and it and had no discomfort. Comfortable, crazy light, and not particularly expensive by today's standards.

Just don't get it wet...hayaku
Oct 29, 2002 5:39 AM
I love the saddle, comfortable light and extreemly cool looking, but I've had two and together they lasted about 5 months. Sweat from the trainer or rain softens the very thin (light) leather and the sharp edges around the nose provide a point that will wear through quickly.

Take care of it, maybe even get a saddle cover for rainy days and enjoy.
Use black duct tape...Asphalt Addict
Oct 29, 2002 6:29 AM
My SLR started wearing around the front sides too. I cut a piece of duct tape to wrap over the worn area. I replace it when it starts to stick to the shorts. Saved my saddle and some $$$.
? mine have been wet any number of timeslonefrontranger
Oct 29, 2002 9:48 AM
for what it's worth my Flites, not the SLRs, have lost their glue quicker in the wet. I have a Flite on the CX bike that I've re-glued a *bunch* of times. My SLR has been on quite a few rain rides without delaminating. The logos are wearing off after over a year's riding, but the cover is still tight.

To re-stick a delaminating saddle cover, I've found that a thin layer of 2-part epoxy works best and doesn't degrade the leather cover. And it will at least hold for the next few rain rides.
Great saddle!!Anaerobic_Nut
Oct 29, 2002 10:49 AM
I actually have the SLR Trans Am and its way comfy. Roughly 3 months and 2500 mi and have no complaints. Used to love the Flite Ti but a buddy turned me on to this one and I don't think I'll go back. Yes, the narrow width is really sweet! Can't be beat for a mix of lightweight and comfort level.