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Can a mountain bike be used to help fit a road bike?(6 posts)

Can a mountain bike be used to help fit a road bike?zmarke
Oct 28, 2002 1:09 PM
I have a mountain bike that was fitted years ago and is still great...I now ride it mostly on the road with slick tires but want a proper road bike.

I am about to purchase a road bike and want to know how these measurements (MTB) can be used to fit a road bike, if at all. In addition, I had a fit kit done recently for a new road bike but I am not sure the numbers give me a TT that is long enough and the seat tube seems a bit slack.

I am 5'8" but have short legs, short arms, and a long torso.

Current MTB:
Seat Tube angle: 72.5
Head Tube Angle: 71.5
Top Tube: 55.5cm
Stem: 150mm - 5 degree rise

Fit Kit for road bike:
ST: 73
HT: 73
TT: 54cm
Stem 90mm-100mm

Inseam: 77cm (no shoes)
Torso: 64cm
Arm length: 56cm

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
We're very similarDave Hickey
Oct 28, 2002 1:41 PM
my inseam is is 77cm and I'm also 5'8". I'm most comfortable on a 51 ctc with a 53-54cm toptube. My stems vary between 90cm and 100cm. It sounds to me like you are very close. Let me ask you a question. If I wanted a MTN bike, would I start looking at 15-16" frames?
Yes, we arezmarke
Oct 28, 2002 2:03 PM
What road frame do you use?
I have found it very frustrating to find a "production" frame with a TT that is long enough. Everyone has told me to "go custom" but I do not currently have the $ to spend.

As for a MTB., TT are longer. My 16.5" with a 55.5 TT is great. I have just under 3" clearance with a sloping TT.

If you are in the market I could offer my Ti frame and XT parts at a "steal". I just do not use it off-road...really never did. It currently has 26x1.0 Hutchinson slicks on it.

Anyway, contact me off-line if you want and I will be more than happy to give details about the bike or just about how it fits:

Yes, we areDave Hickey
Oct 28, 2002 2:32 PM
I'm using a couple of LOOK frames. They both have around 53.5 TT's. In 51cm ctc frames, 53-54cm TT's are quite common. Any longer than 54cmTT and you are getting into customs. What kind of frames have you been looking at?
Oct 28, 2002 2:45 PM

Cannot afford Ti.
Aluminum is too harsh in a 51cm ST.
Never ridden carbon but have been told it is stiff.

On a budget so the best steel frames in my price range for a steel/Tiagra or 105 bike I have found are:

$399 (4130)
Surly Pacer 52cmST, 54cmTT, 74STA

$425 (631)
Soma Smoothie 52cmST, 54.5TT, 73.5STA

But nobody on the east coast stocks the Soma and the Surly is too new for anyone to have built one least by me.

$625 (Columbus TSX)
I also found a nice Pinarello at with a 52cm ST and a 53.7ST. I am waiting on more details
re: Can a mountain bike be used to help fit a road bike?hoopshot
Oct 29, 2002 11:53 AM
I would see if there is a dealer in your area where you
could test ride a 2002 Bianchi Campione. The 53cm size is
pretty close to your fit kit numbers. (535mm TT, 72HT,
74ST) I bought a new 2001 Campione in August for $750 that
I found on the internet. It is a nice steel frame with
Campy components that are of Tiagra quality. I've seen a
bunch on e-bay (some new, some used) at good prices lately.

In regards to your main question, I'm not sure if your
mtb numbers translate directly. I would try to set up
a longish test ride on a bike that is close to your fit
kit numbers and see how you feel.