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Indoor Trainer Question: Single Leg Intervals(5 posts)

Indoor Trainer Question: Single Leg Intervalsfunknuggets
Oct 28, 2002 12:57 PM
I try and integrate these into my workouts from time to time and was curious if there was a "best" way to do these. I keep the intervals to under 2 minutes and had two questions:

1. Should I attempt to lower the resistence so that I can keep the cadence high or should I continue on as the muscles fatigue until the time interval elapses?

2. I have a "dead spot" at the top of my pedal stroke, is this normal or am I positioned wrong? It is similar in both legs. From a seated position(no kidding!...haha), doing a single leg, one is forced to focus on the entire revolution, however the hardest part, for me, is pulling/pushing it over the top. Or, is this a normal part of the pedal stroke, as the muscles utilized in the stroke switch from hammy to quad? Once the legs become fatigued, this becomes increasingly noticable.

Thanks for any advice.
re: I don't know what's best, but I find these helpful.dzrider
Oct 28, 2002 1:29 PM
I do use a lower resistance and treat single leg intervals as smoothness exercises not strength work. Early in the season I can only go about 60 revolutions before I star clunking. With practice, I can get many more. Each time I clunk, I try to get back to spinning smoothly. When I can't get the smoothness back I put the other foot back in, rest for a minute or so and take the first foot out.
Agree With Dzrider...Jon Billheimer
Oct 28, 2002 2:07 PM
The dead spot at the top is due to the weakness of the hip flexors, as well as poor neuromuscular co-ordination. So the most effective approach is to spin a light gear at high rpms, e.g. 90 or so. The light gear and low flywheel resistance forces you to rely on your own co-ordination and smooth application of power rather than the inertial or flywheel effect of the trainer.
re: Indoor Trainer Question: Single Leg Intervalsddog99
Oct 28, 2002 4:02 PM

Check out he BT-ATS trainer at : That trainer with fix anyone turning squares. When I tried it, first time out... squares.
Check it out.

re: Indoor Trainer Question: Single Leg Intervalsfunknuggets
Oct 29, 2002 7:09 AM
Dave- Holy Crap! For $1350 I can think of a number of things that I could buy that might make me forget to do one-legged intervals altogether. Ha Ha! There are a couple of frame and wheelsets that might fit in that pricetag very well!!!

Thanks all for your advice!