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Hit by suv - more info (again long)(15 posts)

Hit by suv - more info (again long)hallcd7
Oct 28, 2002 9:43 AM
The type of vehicle that hit me was mentioned to help paint a picture of the fear i felt, not suggest anything against the suv. I drive an F150. I posted the info just to get us all to be aware and careful. I was several feet from the driveway when i started looking for the drivers eyes. I'm not an idiot, and frankly was insulted by some of the replies to my post. Jeez, come off your arrogance. He's stopped, i cross in front, he goes. simple as that. The driver has not had a vehicular incident in 30+ years of driving, and was quite proud of his driving record, so he is not an idiot either. He had a momentary lapse, and created a potentially dangerous situation because of it. The whole reason for posting was to encourage awareness, not get attacked. I'll go quietly, now.

Safe riding to all.
Word! nmcastrello
Oct 28, 2002 9:45 AM
momentary lapseSteve_0
Oct 28, 2002 9:53 AM
I wish others on this bored could learn to be as understanding as yourself; It's rather disheartening to see the hatred which often snowballs here as the result of an 'accident'.

glad youre ok dude.
re: Hit by suv - more info (again long)tremblay
Oct 28, 2002 10:05 AM
I find it amusing that people made a big deal over you mentioning you were hit by an SUV. It's not like your language was intended to be anti-SUV; rather, it was merely a description of the vehicle that hit you. Plain and simple.

Why do I suddenly feel that people are becoming very defensive about their vehicles and the stigma that is attached to them?
I actually started it for the reverse reason...TJeanloz
Oct 28, 2002 10:19 AM
I started the 'SUV' discussion, because I wondered of what relevance it was that it was an SUV, except that it immediately garners sympathy from cyclists who view themselves in mortal combat with SUVs. My opinion on this is that SUVs really aren't any more or less dangerous than other cars, and I wonder why cyclists are so afraid of them (and pick-up trucks, for that matter).
I actually started it for the reverse reason...tremblay
Oct 28, 2002 10:42 AM
Personally, I'm more afriad of the teenage drivers and elderly drivers. They tend to be the most unpredictable and least likely to know a bicycle is nearby.
Partly disagree.djg
Oct 28, 2002 11:50 AM
I do agree that the main danger is carelessness, and that a car driver can be careless while an SUV driver can be very attentive. Personally, I don't view myself as being in "mortal combat with SUVs."

OTOH, most SUVs just do have lots more mass than the average car and can do more damage in a slow speed accident accordingly. Also, it's probably easier for a cyclist to get driven under at least certain SUVs, given their height.

Although there are skilled and--probably much more important--attentive SUV drivers out there, there are plenty of SUV drivers who simply don't have a clue what kind of vehicle they are driving. Are there clueless auto operators? You bet. Legions of them. But there are also plenty who "graduate" to SUVs without any experience driving trucks or any idea that being a good safe Navigator driver is not just the same thing as being a good safe Accord driver. That, it seems to me, adds a problem above and beyond whatever the general baseline of carelessness or whatever in the general society.

Incidentally, I didn't read the original post as being in any way anti-SUV. I suppose "motorized vehicle" would have been a neutral term, but that's a little awkward dontcha think? Also leaves us wondering if he isn't carrying on just a bit excessively in the event the mystery vehicle was actually a moped.
I think "car" or "truck" is the neutral term...TJeanloz
Oct 28, 2002 12:43 PM
I don't know anybody who uses "SUV" in conversational english to describe their vehicle. It seems to me, that the vast majority of SUV drivers (myself included) refer to them as "my car"; and a regional minority refer to SUVs as "my truck". But have you ever heard anybody say: "I left the groceries in the SUV", or "I need to run out to my SUV to grab my wallet". It's only when people want to say something specific about a particular type of vehicle do they use the term "SUV". And people who don't like SUV's use the term to describe things that happened that they didn't like. If a car cuts them off, then some guy cut them off; if an SUV cuts them off, then some asshole in an SUV cut them off. A subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless.
Geeze, I dunno.djg
Oct 28, 2002 2:05 PM
I mean, you may be right. I'm not any kind of a linguist, much less the particular kind who would know if you are right. Off the top of my head, I cannot recall the last 10 times I've heard the expression "SUV" in conversational English, but I'm pretty sure I've heard it before and have no clear sense that it's always in a perjorative context. Don't drive an SUV--oops, I mean "truck"--myself, but I have close personal friends (some of my best friends . . . ) who do and I cannot recall any uncomfortable conversations about car/truck terminology.

So here's where I draw the PC line: if I use a term for your ethnic group and you object, I will be embarassed--barring inconsistent requests from members of the same ethnic group I'll probably apologize and endeavor to modify my future linguistic behavior. If I use a term for your truck and you object . . . maybe not. And so the inexorable slide to the right begins.
It's because it's a media "evil thing"kenyee
Oct 28, 2002 2:10 PM
One of the things the media portrays as "evil" (note: objects aren't inherently evil...evil is a human trait) like "assault weapons", etc.

Even a casual observer watching the news will see that it's odd that in some news incidents, things are blamed for a criminal act instead of the person. Then again, most people don't notice and just accept the talking heads and blame the things instead of people who use the things :-P
I almost had the same thing happen...girchygirchy
Oct 28, 2002 11:18 AM
I was crossing an intersection, and had the rightaway, and noticed a stopped truck waiting to turn in. Apparently didn't see me, because he started to go as I was crossing, so I saw this huge truck (not a pickup, a damn medium duty one) jump and slam on its brakes not too far away from me, with the driver letting out a huge "$HIT!!!" Scared the hell out of me. I'm much more careful now, and glad it didn't end worse. I'd say you're pretty lucky too!
Hope everything works out well for you....Nigey
Oct 28, 2002 11:30 AM
Everyone has had or is more than capable of having an accident when they drive. We're all human -and accidents happen. My biggest problem is when people throw an attitude or.....

I "had" a motorcycle accident way back in the late eighties. Nobody was hurt and the other driver seemed a decent sort. I said that I'd be willing to settle without going to the insurance company (he was 100% at fault -knocked over my motorcycle when I wasn't even on it!).

He was all in agreement -no problem I thought. I presented him with a bill of all about $50 for a replacement tail assembly (that was a used one too!!!) that had been smashed -all of a sudden he gets cold feet and in the end I go to the insurance company. It would have wasted alot less of my time had I done this in the first place -plus I should have bought a 100% standard original new assembly probably costing at least twice as much just to stuff it to the guy for wasting my time.

While I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I've come round to the reluctant conclusion that in an accident -especially one in which you are not at fault -you're better off doing everything "officially". Maybe give someone a couple of days to pay up if they say they want to, otherwise put a claim in IMMEDIATELY.

I applaud you for wanting to work with the guy, but just be careful that he doesn't start to fudge and you're taken advantage of.
Perhaps I over-reacted?Alexx
Oct 29, 2002 5:31 AM
Still, I think you handled the situation incorrectly. I'm sure the driver INTENDS to make everything OK, but what if the following is the situation:
You are injured, but the damage is not immediately apparent. You see a doctor 3-4 days later-and he admits you for immediate surgery. This costs many, many $$. You contact the driver. He freaks, calls his attorney. The attorney tells him to SHUT UP NOW!! Suddenly, Mr. Nice guy is mister silence, and it's your word against his. Did the accident cause any visible damage to his truck? Were there any witnesses? Tough luck for you if there aren't.
Any time a car hit a cyclist and causes damage, wether intended or not, you need to CALL THE POLICE AND MAKE OUT A REPORT. What you do with it later is up to you.
Agree with Alexx's intentTrekFurthur
Oct 29, 2002 5:55 AM
Similar accident--large vehicle, inattentive driver, my right-of-way, etc. Ended up with a cracked frame. He was very apologetic, insisted on filing his insurance. I even warned him that the bike would be expensive to replace; his response was, "That's why I pay for all that insurance." I still insisted on filing a police report; in fact, I do for every accident in which I'm in (two at other drivers' faults). He was amenable to filing the report; funny thing is the cop that showed up was kind of "official" (read-irritated) at having to file a report for this incident. His attitude was that it was simple property damage (accident in a parking lot); I wanted to ask him, "Do you understand that he ran INTO me; if he had run me completely over, would you be less bemused at doing your job." Don't get me wrong; I have no problems with police, but the attitude was interesting. Never needed the report, but was glad I had it.
Perhaps I over-reacted?hallcd7
Oct 29, 2002 10:03 AM
Thanks for the input. I agree with you in principle that filing the report is the correct thing to do for my own protection. Same advice i would offer to anyone under similar circumstances. Given that there were no injuries beyond a skinned knee and a bent rim, and a very cooperative driver, i chose to settle it as painlessly as possible. New rim will be ready mid week, the guy has already contacted the bike shop, so all seems to be well. Had he been different, and i had any question as to my injuries or injury to my bike, things would have been handled at an approptiate level of aggression on my part. I'm not one to roll over, being a classic type a.