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Vaam?(4 posts)

Oct 27, 2002 7:54 PM
Just heard about this new energy booster from Japan. Anybody heard about it, use it? Does it work? Supposed to be synthetic replica of secretions from giant Japanese wasps.
No, but I've hear of Voom!mickey-mac
Oct 27, 2002 8:54 PM
The Cat in the Hat and all the Little Cats used it to clean up snow spots in the Cat in the Hat Comes Back.
Sounds like a variation on the old bee pollen themeKerry
Oct 28, 2002 5:15 PM
And however discredited and bogus bee pollen might be, I thing you should rush out and get/use Vaam without any question or need for valid scientific support - definitely rely on endorsements from anonymous Internet users :)
Sounds like a variation on the old bee pollen themeSnakebit
Oct 28, 2002 7:03 PM
Kerry, I have seen you give some great advice on this board and have a great deal of respect for your informed opinions. You seem to be a little short of patience here. I saw a special on these hornets and then the fact that this is a popular suplement in Japan. I was curious if it was used in the U.S. and if it was actually effective. The reigning opinion seems to be that it is not, and that I am an idiot. I have my answer here, and I will be more careful with my questions. Thank you very much.