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Help with my Time pedals please...(2 posts)

Help with my Time pedals please...kushogun
Oct 27, 2002 1:36 PM
Recently I purchased a set of Time Impact mag pedals from Great experience with them and what not. I mounted the cleats onto my new Sidi Genius 4 and... The left pedals felt great, but the right pedal I couldn't even engage. I switched the bolts and could finally engage the right pedal. The float was not free feeling like the left pedal at all and it took a fair amount (much higher than expected) of force to dissengage the right pedal. My question is, is this expected with Time pedals? Should I grease the spring mechanism, which currently appears to be dry? I've changed the SET float adjustment without much change in release tension. I'm just afraid in a panic situation I won't be able to disengage in time. Does the spring just need wearing in??? Or does this sound like a possible manufactures error. My only worry is that only the right pedal seems to be "tight". Just as a point of reference I have used clipless pedals before. Scott SPD for about 6 years. Any and all information would be appreciated.
re: Help with my Time pedals please...boneman
Oct 28, 2002 1:26 AM
First off, the cleats are asymetrical giving different release qualities as described in the instructions. Did you bolt the cleats w/o the adapter plate directly to the Sidi pedal plates? You may need to use the adapter plate supplied as it's only with Time shoes and some Carnacs that you can use the cleat w/o the supplied adapter (I've also used them w/o the adapter plate on Northwave Evolutions but drilled for Time tbt). Do not grease the spring mechanism as it's not going to help the problem and no, the spring should not need a break-in period.

Read the instructions carefully and it will explain the different release just by changing the cleat to the other foot and the other options and adjustments on the pedals. If you are using a 3 or 2 hole Sidi plate, you probably need to use the Time supplied adapter.