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want to convert an old Schwinn Varsity to ss commuter(4 posts)

want to convert an old Schwinn Varsity to ss commuterMr Shiney Pants
Oct 27, 2002 12:56 PM
anyone riding a Varsity? want to build one as a singlespeed commuter. Any leads on where to find a frame?

Salvation Army store?? (nm)Alexx
Oct 27, 2002 1:33 PM
Oct 27, 2002 1:34 PM
If your heart is set on it check garage sales, thrift shops and etc. No reason to pay more than $25 for a complete bike in decent shape. Once you strip off the derailleurs, shifters, rear brake and etc. you'll have a pile of parts that weighs a ton and a bike that still weighs 2 tons.

Easiest conversion is just to thread a track cog onto the rear wheel with some LocTite if you want a fixie. If you're using a BMX freewheel keep the rear brake and just screw the FW on. You may need a spacer for a straight chainline but that's minimal hassle. Install a new chain and away you go.

The weight'll make you work but the bike is nearly literally bombproof and shouldn't attract much attention from thieves. (I guess that answers my question)
re: want to convert an old Schwinn Varsity to ss commuterdesmo
Oct 27, 2002 1:39 PM
to answer your second question, St. Vinnie's, Sal's Army, and Goodwill stores usually have at least one Varsity in stock at all times. I must see 4 or 5 a week of all vintages. and since I did actually answer a question I need to shell out some obligatory bike forum non-requested opinions. why a Varsity? sentimental reasons aside I see no reason to use one as a base for a single speed. absolute tanks, lame one piece cranks, etc. the same thrift stores that stock Varsity's will usually have an assortment of lugged Nishiki's, and low end Euro stuff which I feel would be a much better choice. at least you get some aluminum parts, better rims, and if you can find a Nishi with forged drop outs you'll really have a nice handling frame and may be able to trim it down under twenty five pounds. of course if only a big Schwinn floats yer boat, have at it in good health.