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Florida rides(9 posts)

Florida rideshammer_cycle
Oct 26, 2002 9:56 PM
I'm probably going to be in Orlando and Ft Lauderdale this week (ft lauderdale on the weekend). Are there any good ries in the area that I could join up? where do they start? Thanks in advance.
re: Florida ridesSnyder
Oct 27, 2002 3:18 AM
November 3 is CycleFest in Sarasota Fl. Not exactly in your area. Should be several hundred riders. Link:
re: Florida ridesSmoothie
Oct 27, 2002 4:43 AM
Orlando is a bit out of my area....but if you are going to be in fort lauderdale for the weekend I could recommand some rides for sat and sun. Ft. lauderdale is pretty big place where in Ft lauderdale are you looking to ride? (not the address just the general area)

And what type of ride are you looking for? Race-type? Long-distance? Fun chill ride?
re: Florida ridesroadiebrodie
Oct 27, 2002 7:06 AM
Sunday the 3rd is the South Broward Wheelers Century starting at Brian Piccolo park (which is the Ft. Lauderdale area. On Saturday if you are looking for a "hammer ride" Sheridan and Flamingo corner of Sheridan street anf Flamingo road. Id you are looking for a slower ride on Saturday, Easy Rider Bike shop has an easier ride 20 most of the way. All rides are in Ft Lauderale area.
re: Florida rideshammer_cycle
Oct 27, 2002 7:32 AM
The hammer rides sound good to me. What time do they meet at Sheridan and Flamingo? I'm not exactly sure where I"ll be coming from as I didn't make the lodging arangements. Thanks for the info.
Oct 27, 2002 11:07 AM
Sheridan and Flamingo 8am Saturday, Big Wheel Sunday 8am.
Sheridan ride and othersSmoothie
Oct 28, 2002 5:29 AM
have fun on that Sheridan ride! It's alot of fun...but be careful, the riders sometimes take alot of risks. Be ready for a hard ride - it's fast and competitive. Haven't ridden it in a while but I hear it's still a good ride.

If you are ever in aventura we do a nightly ride around the "circle" which is behind the Aventura mall. Starts at 6:30pm - fast single paceline with short pulls. Very chill group and good training ride. Runs about an hour to 1 1/2 hours.

Further south there are also some good rides. The pinecrest to key biscayne ride is pretty good - but way early start time. Better option is the sunday Aventura to key biscayne ride - starts by turnberry country club (behind aventura mall) goes to the key and back. Fast breaks and strong riders.
Brian Piccolo ParkWalter
Oct 27, 2002 1:24 PM
If you're going to be there (it's on Sheridan St. W. of University Dr, north side of Sheridan) you might be able to grab some velodrome time, depending on the schedule. They do have time blocks for "general" riders and will rent a fixie for pretty reasonable $. Or at least that's the way it was when I used to live in that area.

Not an awful lot of 'dromes around and it might be a rare opportunity. (or it might be old hat for you but it's worth mentioning)
re:Orlando Ridesscary slow
Oct 28, 2002 1:46 PM
Just north of Orlando is probably some of the best road riding in Florida. The Clermont area is about the only place in Florida with hills and even better nearly free of traffic. If you are looking for some routes check out If you want a challenging ride give the Buck Hill/Sugar Loaf loop a try. Not sure of the gradients (guessing somewhere in the 12-15% neighborhood), but Sugar Loaf somehow got misplaced here in Florida. I have hit 50+ mph coasting down the front side. Enjoy...