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More road bike disater on the way!(6 posts)

More road bike disater on the way!flyinbowlofmilk
Oct 26, 2002 5:15 PM
I have a Ralegh R500 road bike with 105&Tiagra components on it. Well after having to get a new tire on the back wheel last week. Guess what now. I found out that my chain and cassette and rear derailler will have to be replace very soon. It seem like disater come in bucket fulls when it come to my bike. To get it fixed it going to cost me $150 or more(that including labor). What should I do? The back wheel tire cost me $50 to replace it. This isn't to mention that I am thinking about getting a new road bike next year. I hope this the end of the road disater for a while. Advice will be nice ,and appreciated. Thanks in advance. That's not to mention that I have had this road bike for only 2 yrs.
re: More road bike disater on the way!mtbiac
Oct 26, 2002 5:26 PM
what exactly is wrong with the rear derailleur/cassette/etc? Are you sure its not something a little overhaul cant fix? If you want your bike to last a while, you have to treat it right. Clean it ofte, keep it lubed, tend to any weird noises and such on a regular basis.

As for the new bike, maybe you could look into selling this one before it dies completly and invest in a new ride earlier than planned?
re: More road bike disater on the way!weiwentg
Oct 26, 2002 5:45 PM
FBM, invest in a toolbox and Lennard Zinn's whatchamacallit book on how to fix road bikes. I think Nashbar makes a good toolkit. their BB tool is a piece of junk, but the rest of it is OK. also, you can get tires for a lot cheaper than that. look on ebay and rec.bicycles.marketplace, and get training tires. you can indeed train on Axial Pros, but there are more cost-effective tires out there.
after 2 years, it's normal that you'll need to replace chain and cassette. depending on your mileage, strength, how often you clean the chain, etc, you might have to replace chains earlier than that. depending on how worn the cassette is, you might be able to get away with not replacing it. if it's a Tiagra cassette, just replace the damn thing. this is not disaster, it's normal wear and tear.
what exactly is wrong with the rear derailleur, though? they're not indestructible, but if that was a 105 rear D, you shouldn't be done with it after 2 years.
anyway, you could sell the darn thing off. or, you could get higher-level stuff to replace what's worn out on your current bike, get a nice frame next year, and then transfer the parts off. if anyone you know has some experience with this, ask them to help. headset will definitely need to be done at the LBS, and probably BB as well (unless you have the tool, which on Ultegra groups and below doubles up as the cassette tool). the rest you can generally do yourself, but get some help the first time around.
re: More road bike disater on the way!flyinbowlofmilk
Oct 27, 2002 5:19 PM
As far as getting a toobox that might be a good ideal. But as for me I think i will leave the road bike repairs to the LBS. As far a the replacing tires,I have found out that there are cheaper road tires out there that are more durable. Now as far as the chain and the cassette issue. I have put over 2,000+miles on my road bike since April of 2001. As far as keeping the chain clean and lubed, I would have to say that I got it done before I did any road event or race I did. The cassette is Tiagra and the rear derailleur is Tiagra too. The rear derailleur got bent from a wreck that happen to me at Cycle North Carolina 2002. The Bike mechanics covering the tour was supposed to fix it. I plan on just getting it replaced with 105 components. Now as far as getting it done the first time around,I will let the LBS do it. But weiwentg I haven't had this bike for no more than 2yrs. I plan on getting a better bike next year. Thanks for the advice.
no problemweiwentg
Oct 27, 2002 6:43 PM
but you should learn as much as you can. start with the simple stuff, like changing tires (I blew out a lot of tubes changing tires), adjusting derailleurs (rear: simple, front: argh), simple stuff like that.
as for your cassette: I weigh 120lbs, and my Tiagra cassette started shifting wierdly after less than 2000 miles. Tiagra is not good stuff; get an Ultegra cassette. as for your rear derailleur, is it the derailleur that's bent, or is it the derailleur hangar (the piece of metal that your derailleur is screwed in to)? usually the hangar gets bent, instead of the derailleur itself.
best of luck with the bike! hope you get a good deal somewhere.
the sport of road bikes requires about $50 a month...Bruno S
Oct 26, 2002 9:20 PM
thats more or less what I have calculated. Plan to buy every year 2 sets of tires, a new chain, 2-3 bar tapes, tubes, co2, degreasers, cleaners and oil, some clothes (at least socks), club fees, batteries, etc. Then there is always the unpredicted repair or the desire to upgrade a component.