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Cycling in Puerto Rico(12 posts)

Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 26, 2002 5:13 AM
I have never been anywhere in the Caribbean during the winter, and I ask this question out of sheer ignorance. My wife and I are going to an annual meeting on the eastern side of Puerto Rico at the beginning of March. When you live in Connecticut, you immediately have images of taking off your long johns and getting in some summer style riding. What I have been told by non-cyclists is that we would be daft to venture outside the resort complex on our bikes. Does anyone have experience that bears on this issue? Are there mountain areas, etc., where one could ride? Thank you for any first-hand information.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoRM
Oct 26, 2002 10:40 AM
i've spent about ten day total on two wheels on the island but on the west end (peaceful). riding was superb! smooth roads (complements of US taxpayers) and very hilly. drivers were reasonably ok. avoid commuter time in pm where beer-fueled drivers were the rule. beware of ornery dogs - every farmhouse had at least one unchained on the front porch. have fun!
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 26, 2002 11:13 AM
We are going to be on the eastern side. Does that make a difference, aside from the topography?
I've been to east sideDanoK
Oct 26, 2002 10:59 AM
I've spent about a month on the east side of Puerto Rico when deploying there for Air Force duty. My reaction to the place is mixed. 1) Fantastic weather.....especially in winter when you are less likely to get thunder storms. 2) Rough area around where I was.....Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station....highly unpopular with the locals as its the base where US Navy fighter-bombers deploy to use the Vieques Island bombing range....not any more, but I'm sure the local attitude towards the base and Yankees is still quite hostile. That and many areas around there are just plain rough. I was definitely uncomfortable in the evenings with my obviously Anglo ethnicity. 3) Huge mountains where you should be able to find some nice riding. El Yanqui (sp?) national forest is right near Roosy Roads. Absolutely beautiful up there. I think cycling would be OK once inland away from the very busy coastal roads.

I never took a bike there, though I would like to. Though I would stay on the base or somehow drive into the national forest before beginning a ride.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoDave Hickey
Oct 26, 2002 11:40 AM
I go to Puerto Rico four to five times per year on business. If your going to the eastern side, your probably staying in the Fajardo area. Riding in PR is not a problem as long as you stay out of the metropolitan areas. I wouldn't suggest riding in San Juan or Ponce but the eastern end is fine. If you leave early in the morning you'll probably hook up with some riders. Puerto Rico is like any other area in the US, there are good areas and bad areas. Triathalon is very big in Puerto Rico so you'll probably see a lot of Tri people out riding.
re: Cycling in Puerto Ricorrodrigz
Oct 26, 2002 3:04 PM
I am Puertorican but did not bike while I lived there. Recently went back to visit my folks and borrowed my cousin's Look kg281. WOW... Beautiful scenery, awesome hills, the works. Two problems- heat and no shoulders on most hill roads. I suspect you are staying either at EL Conquistador or the Westin. Make it up to El Yunque. It is a Rain Forest National park, not much traffic, but plenty of hills with switchbacks, steep grades, etc. Ride in the morning, otherwise you will learn the true meaning of heat. The UCI web site has links to Puerto Rico, you can hook up with somebody before going there. Curiously, I made my contacts thru a spinning class. Spinning down there is run by hard core roadies, unlike here.I just asked the class teacher and got on a group ride. Needless to say, i was sucking wind and wheels on the hills and lost all my pride, but now I find myself checking the fares on Travelocity to San Juan so I can find an excuse to do it again before the "yearly visit" to the folks.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 26, 2002 8:18 PM
Could you give me the Web site address for the UCI? And thank you for the thoughtful advice. We were planning to take our good bikes, and it sounds as though the challenges will make that worthwhile. We are staying at El Conquistador.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 27, 2002 11:23 AM
I found the UCi Web site, but any useful links to Puerto Rico are well disguised. I found out the name of the local organization, its address, and phone number. I then hit a brick wall. How do you find riders?
re: Cycling in Puerto Ricorrodrigz
Oct 27, 2002 5:11 PM
Try calling during the week, normal working hours. As for riders, there were two bike shops in the Condado area where I got info but I cant recall the name of the shops. I will make a couple of phone calls and get back to you later.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 28, 2002 6:09 AM
Thank you for your efforts that go way beyond the call of duty. I really appreciate your efforts.
re: Cycling in Puerto Ricorrodrigz
Oct 28, 2002 7:36 AM
Cicloturismo is a riding club with a website ( thy do organized group rides, e-mail for more info. As I told you, group rides leave anywhere from 6-7:30 AM. They're doing a ride to El Yunque 11/3/02 so he may be able to give you more specific route info. Ciclomundo has about 5 stores scattered thru the island, call 787 285-4460 20 mins by car for the store nearest you, they may or may not be able to hook you up with someone. On cicloturismo's website I found someone's email address who wanted to do hard rides ( Here's one ride suggestion for you and your wife. Drive up to Luquillo beach (or ride, check distances), its a beautiful public beach near the foot of el Yunque. Ride up El Yunqe (pack tennis shoes) and dismount when you see signs for a walking path to Mount Britton tower (20 min walk), carry the bike. The small "tower" was an observation post built by the spaniards in the 1600's where you can see the norhtern, eastern, and southern tips of the island. On a lucky day you can see from above clouds being blown up the side of the mountain. Dramatic? You bet, that's where I proposed to my wife. Ride back down to the beach, jump in, take plenty of pictures and post it back on the forum. Good Luck.
re: Cycling in Puerto RicoSilas_Greenback
Oct 28, 2002 10:14 AM
Thank you ever so much. Your marriage ought to be a happy one against that background for starters. When do you go down there to visit your folks?