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Activity verses sport.(2 posts)

Activity verses sport.Juanmoretime
Oct 25, 2002 10:51 AM
If you race you are participating in a sport, if you just ride, do you participate in a sport? I guess the same could be questioned about ice dance, bowling, archery, golf, curling and playing a musical instrument. You can compete at all but are they activities or sports? It's raining today and I'm bored. Let's hear your thoughts.
re: Activity verses sport.Fredrico
Oct 25, 2002 12:26 PM
Interesting question, a distinction that's often confused out on the bikeways, when you come up on another rider, or another rider comes up on you.

I guess it's a sport if there's some sort of competition, and an "activity" if there isn't. Of course, you can compete with yourself as well as with other riders: beating a personal best time, sprinting to higher speeds. "Sport" calls for a certain degree of mastery over the "activity." This gives one confidence, makes the activity really enjoyable, gets one "into it." To the average alpha male, for example, a drive down the interstate is "sport." To others, it's just another chore.

My .02. The sun is supposed to come out Sunday. Just think of how fresh, how flush with glycogen (and fat stores!) we'll all be.