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weight matters??(8 posts)

weight matters??mike r
Oct 25, 2002 9:51 AM
everyone's so concerned about weight,
what's your combined weight, bike and rider (bike as ridden: with water, tubes etc).
for me it's
73kg (161lbs)
my bike is about 11% of that weight

now, try and justify spending (x)$ to save (x)grams on a seatpost or other non rotating part
Who are you asking?elviento
Oct 25, 2002 9:57 AM
If your bike weighs 17.7lb with water and tubes, maybe you should try and justify YOUR spending to save weight.

Unless it's a single speed...
Who are you asking?mike r
Oct 25, 2002 10:19 AM
I'm asking everyone.
thats my race bike, with 1 water bottle and no tubes/pump(i cheated a little). I also have a fixed commuter that weighs about 15kg.
my point (which I didn't make too clearly) is that there are a lot of riders with lighter bikes than mine and the ratio of bike weight to rider weight is very small. and yet they still consider spending another couple houndred pounds to save a further few grams.

if i'm still not making myself clear i'm sorry. i'm trying to write an anthropology essay at the moment and my brain hurts :)
anyone know anything about the !Kung San (from kalahari desert)
I think he's deadPEDDLEFOOT
Oct 25, 2002 12:13 PM
178 myself, 25 bike = 203 total, 12.3% bike/me...Bruno
Oct 25, 2002 1:30 PM
but that doesn't mean a 100gr stem at $200 cannot be justified. I can assure you that for a pro athlete improving performance with equipment is cheaper than improving by training.
I have a pretty light bike...Wheelz
Oct 25, 2002 2:25 PM
...but I have found that my biggest performance gains have been in personal weight loss. As little as five pounds loss makes a big difference on hill climb times.

Just for the record, I'm 190 and my bike is about 19 lbs...10% of my body weight. I know I could shave off another pound off the bike, but I really don't want to spend the money.

Loosing body weight actually saves me money in food and gas anyway!

weighty issue...jakedufresne
Oct 25, 2002 6:31 PM
i am 5'9", weigh 135 lbs. and have a 15 lb. bike (add the waterbottles) and it makes a difference. Of course, lose 5 lbs. and you ride way better, but really only if you trained better to lose the weight along with the appropriate diet, and not just by starving yourself. i could ride a 17.5lb. bike (and hate every minute of it) but i had better have some pretty lightwieght wheels to compensate for the bicycles lacking. At a pro level, your weight and the bikes weight are both relative when you consider that the guy next to you (if he really deserves to be there) is training just as hard, or harder. Less weight is like adding a percentage point or two to your total fitness level and can make all the difference at the end of a long race. Strength-to-weight ratio is ONE of the keys to the difference of being a good, or winning rider. In short get the lightest bike you can afford, and then get out there with it and do it the justice it deserves by losing the weight yourslef and you will ride better than ever.

Amen (nm)spc15
Oct 26, 2002 11:27 AM